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   home water purifier what brand? How to buy a home water purifier? I believe that many consumers Organizing Committee for the two issues are of concern. Xiao Bian summary sorted out six steps to buy a home water purifier, check it out.




to buy water purifiers six easy steps to choose the right water filter (Photo from Internet)

   Step one: understand the local water quality [123 pRINCIPLE]

   water purification treatment is performed by way of the terminal, to filter harmful substances on the human body, the water quality purifying effect. According to different water quality throughout, water purifiers functional design is also different. A vast territory, water vary greatly, generally north hard water and impurities, with advanced filter should buy water purifier softener or an ion exchange resin cartridge; southern soft quality, severe secondary pollution and heavy metal, high water quality requirements of families can buy pure water, local water quality is better if you can choose ultrafiltration machine.

   Step two: determining water Objective

   General domestic water can be selected for whole house water purification methods, such as filtration whole house central home water purifiers. Whole house water purification system during the decoration on the need to pre-discharge tube, not only need to consider the amount of water it is important that water effects. Drinking water does not require pre-discharge, there are many options and matching, such as the pre-purifier water purifier + + five leading water purifier, a water purifier or a pre-+ RO RO water purifiers, according to the family demand for flexible combinations to achieve the best cleaning results.

   Step Three: Understand the installation location

   Under normal circumstances, to buy water purifier is best carried out before the renovation, consumers at home ahead of the position and size of the amount of good water purifier to be installed or reserve installation space before the renovation and installation, can be done in accesible to buy in the hearts of bottom, to avoid improper purchase of twists and turns. If the decoration, home help staff can install the view layout, and provide water purification installation location and manner of reference, general formal big brand has on-site installation services.

   Step Four: Understanding brand qualification

   water purifier market brand flowers are blooming, in the end what a good brand, consumers can see from the start with well-known brands, such as Mai water purifier, Lindstr枚m water purifier brand is well-known brands of domestic water purifier. If you are unfamiliar brand, you may wish to check the water purifier test reports and testimonials, see theAre there national brand department endorsement of health permits, whether through the national technical supervision departments identification, in line with the national "drinking water quality standards." This is to ensure regular water purifier to buy the necessary conditions.

   Step Five: water purifier of parity

   water purifier on the market to buy and there is no uniform standard, many consumers buy water purifier is all based on appearance, and with several filter in conjunction with comparative price parity; or that the higher the price the better the quality of the water purifier. In fact water purifier water filter, the filter is not more than the price another job, the better. Its sexual parity, by the water purifier adaptable to local water quality, as well as the technical quality of water purifier filters, both close to the parity price is the highest of water purification products.

   Step Six: Learn service

   water purifiers use non-disposable device, the on-site testing, installation, filter replacement, maintenance of technology has certain requirements, it can be said purifier is the need to maintain long-term use of household goods, choose a brand after-sale protection, which are related to the vital interests of consumers to purchase and use the water purifier. In general can confirm the contents of the security service from qualified manufacturers and service outlets case.

   to buy water purifiers, the most important thing to look for well-known brands, can not be fooled by the price trap bad businesses, in order to buy safe and secure water purifier. Remember to buy more than six steps, you will be able to choose a suitable own high-quality water purifier.

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