Rongshida water purifier market steady development

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   In recent years, it is a brilliant year Rongshida water purification project, Rongshida also emerge in the field of water purification project, harvest rich days, signing 96 projects totaling more than 65 million yuan, becoming the sector a " dark horse. "

   In recent years, Shandong Province, southern Jiangsu, Guizhou, five engineering centers established and put into operation, Hefei Xinqiao Airport direct drinking water project successfully completed, Peoples Bank of China, SF, Xian and other home buyers King large projects successfully signed, drinking water smooth functioning of the BOT project, Henan University, Hefei University of Technology (Xuancheng Campus), University of Guiyang City, new Oriental more than 30 well-known institutions, companies first battle victory in the field of water purification. According to the person in charge of Division, Rongshida rather on the design and construction of water purification engineering, product quality advantages, BOT business model is quite mature, post-comprehensive follow-up services, with a clear competitive edge in the field of water purification projects, often in tender on the stand, we have won the trust of customers and reputation.

   this year, as the market matures water purification project, our company will face more opportunities and challenges, the Division will further improve the system construction, additional Taikehubu, in order to better explore the market and optimization service lay a solid foundation, and to strengthen the capacity to undertake large projects alone ten million.

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