Water purification industry companies need to cree -value fo

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   Under the current water pollution intensified, increasing demands for safe drinking water situation, domestic water purifier market into the blowout of the outbreak, it is predicted that by 2020 China water purifier retail sales is expected to reach 110 billion yuan for 45% compound annual growth rate. In this case, the number of domestic enterprises to join the water industry robust growth, up to more than 3000, with the heat rising market, competition is becoming more intense.

   However, Chinas water purifier market started late, after a lengthy introduction, lack of government guidance, industry, regulatory delays, still have not seen the introduction of standards, which resulted in the industrys "low threshold", also caused the current water purifier market in different ways, "price war" frequently ignite. But this is only a phenomenon of the early development of the industry, survival of the fittest competition in the market will mature. I think that, in this process, the core business is not a winning winning "price war", but to create a "cost."

   At present, Chinas water purifier industry is still in the "product homogeneity" period, 80% of companies do not have the core technology of water purification machines, nor a sound management system, the only on the market at low prices, poor quality fish in troubled waters. In this case, the price war is certainly a key factor in the outcome of the decision, but in addition to the price war, if companies can not own the product, model, and improve the system for rich, with a sound market system, the introduction of industry standards, It will eventually be eliminated from the competition. Therefore, the companys "cheap" is not unprincipled no bottom line to cut prices, but should be achieved at an increased level of cost control, improve product quality, sales model and other conditions.



   consumers want to buy things, "value for money", the core concern also lies not only in the "price" and therefore, more attention should be the core business is "cost-effective . " For example, through innovative technology to enhance product quality, improve services to increase product value and so on. Of course, specific to the water industry, subject to its stage of development and the market environment, generous R & D investment, escape from the "homogenization" I am afraid that many companies can not afford this financial pressure and market risks. Water purifier enterprises to create "value for money", I think it can Quxianjiuguo in terms of after-sales service and marketing system. After

   A lot of users buy a water purifier, could not find a business, service nobody. As we all know, water purifier is the need professional installation, regular maintenance of electrical appliances, NoThen, it is likely to become a water purifier "dirty water machine." For such a product, service itself is part of the product value. Good service, is to increase the "cost." But many companies, the blind pursuit of immediate economic benefits, without regard to long-term development, not to mention the brand casting, of course, will not be put into service costs, two silver finished goods, it will no period of. Such enterprises, and apparently did not understand the meaning of "cost" will not go very far. Of course, there are some companies doing very well, work on the service, or even to create a service brand, such as Rongshida "red carpet service", the United States is "happy community."

   enterprises to create "value for money", to the entire system, especially in the case of realization of the internal marketing system upgrade, rather than simply increasing the cost of inputs, including the cost of services. Otherwise, even if the enterprise in order to develop strategies to temporarily sacrifice profits, channel terminal can not sacrifice profits to round corporate brand dream. Companies need to improve their internal construction, but also to upgrade the terminal management system, the company has only established a scientific, development of marketing system, in order for the terminal to survive and make money, so that the terminal extending the concept of the enterprise. For example, a "prominent knife products, products with profit" pricing strategies, timely introduction spectacular program of activities to promote sales, which does not rely on "price" war, by "system" to win.

   "price" is a relative value, "price" is the absolute value; "price war" is temporary, "brand" is long.

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