Qingyang County, Anhui Province led his party come to visit

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   March 6, 2018, Anhui Qingyang Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee, the CMC director Shangliang Zhi Hao Ze and his party come to inspect the headquarters of the Group of Shanghai, Qingyang Merchants Bank President Tao Song, Qingyang China Merchants Development Zone, deputy director of Bao Gang, Qingyang economic Development Zone Party Working Committee Cao Lin, along with access.


   Ho Chak Group executives expressed warm welcome to the leadership of Qingyang County line, and accompanied them to visit the headquarters exhibition hall, home-ho, excellent service, research and development engineering laboratories. In the communication link after, Ho Chak aspects and details the results of the 2018 development plan Ho Chak Group in recent years achieved, then the two sides launched a brief exchange.


   Qingyang County leaders visit, not only deepened the mutual understanding, but also created the possibility for further cooperation in the future. Shang Liangzhi secretary, said Ho Chak user experience in product R & D as the starting point, in line with the times, but also conform to nineteen big on smart home, health-China policy. Shang Shuji also welcome on behalf of Qingyang County Ho Chak Group at the right time, Qingyang County to visit, the two sides will discuss further expansion of industrial cooperation and investment.


   Ho Chak Group executives said, is committed to providing safe and healthy drinking water is Ho Chak endeavors has always been. With years of deep plowing market, Ho Chak in recent years has made some achievements, the future will continue to accelerate the development of innovative products, technologies and business models, to bring safe drinking water to more users experience.

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