What is a ceramic cup

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   We all know that the use of ceramic cup to drink water, then what is it ceramic cup? This paper will introduce small series for you.




we have heard ceramics, some people really like ceramic cup water, then you know what a ceramic mug it? Next, we introduce you to a small series of ceramic Some knowledge of the cup.


The so-called "ceramic" is made of a shape in clay, clay, or other inorganic non-metallic material, by molding and sintering process, for decoration and protection walls and floors of buildings or plate bulk ceramics. After drying an extent that it is heated to a certain curing, no longer soluble in water.


ceramic cup components:

   a main component

is a ceramic cup kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, clay, colorants, blue and white material, the glaze lime, lime alkali glaze. Jingdezhen ceramic cup ceramic raw materials mainly kaolin, is composed mainly of kaolinite clay. Because first discovered in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen high-Village, named after the appearance of white, light gray. When contamination of other impurities, may be in dark brown, pink, beige, etc., having a creamy, easily Yong Shounie into powder, after calcination color white, high refractoriness, is an excellent porcelain raw materials. Characteristics


ceramic cup:

   The main raw materials

ceramic cup of mud, rather than rare, our lives will not be wasted resources, it will not pollute the environment, not destroy resources, and toxic free and safe. Selection of ceramic cup reflects the awareness of environmental protection, care for our living environment. Ceramic cup environmentally friendly, durable, practical, it is the crystallization of earth, water, fire. Natural ingredients, combined with the power of nature, into human technology, we have created lives than the essential commodities, the invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization - is the first human use of natural products, according to their own will created a brand new thing. Pottery from the late Paleolithic found Yangyuan County in Hebei Province, mud bay view, produced in Chinese pottery dating back over years of history.


Ceramic Cup:


1 low-temperature ceramic porcelain cup low firing temperature 700-900 degrees.


2. Temperature ceramic cup refers generally to ceramic firing temperature of about 1200 degrees to 1000 degrees ---. 3. The high temperature ceramic high-temperature ceramic firing temperature of the cup1200 degrees Celsius.


These are the knowledge we introduce ceramic cup for everyone, the problem of drinking water comes from the ceramic mug can not think of what kind of drink cups safest it? Please visit our small family drinking more knowledge all in one.




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