When the -Internet +- wn t surging water purificatioindustry

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   todays "Internet +" has become the era of the new term, become the focus of the transformation of traditional industries, businesses also tried to move closer to the Internet, the water purification industry is not far behind, we have to open up the online platform, under the power line sales. As the leading private company Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma principal once said: "If you belong to the past two decades the Internet business, the next three decades will belong to traditional companies, traditional companies because of the Internet and fission, reconstruction and innovation. "this is not to talk nonsense, but the sound era, this also means that any company, if not set foot on the internet platform, pay close attention to layout, is likely to be out of the market.

   By 2015, the water purifier market rapid development of water purification industry as a sunrise industry, traditional manufacturing, when the encounter "Internet +", and what will be the fission of it? It is not really what the outside world, multiplied by the "Internet +" in the east will subvert the entire industry ecosystem pattern of it? Water purification companies should turn to what kind of attitude to face vigorous "Internet +" trend it?




When "Internet +" when the surging water purification industry what to say (Photo from Internet)

   "Internet +" speed up water purifiers branding process

   in the world, China has been known for manufacturing power, due to resource and labor advantages, become a veritable factory of the world. But "manufacturing" is not conducive to the formation of independent brands, can not form a unique business advantage, manufacturing of non-road long terms, China must be to "create" a big country in transition. Only create lasting brand is an inexhaustible motive force of the water purifier business widespread brand awareness is not strong disadvantage, many other water purifiers love enterprises to adopt OEM mode of production, in the global value chain of low-end , failed to get brand equity raised to the same height and intangible assets. In the Internet age, due to the efficient and convenient, as a brand of soft power status gradually improve the exchange of information, if the water purifier business if still in a state of complacency, it is easy to be out of the market.

   "Internet +" boost water purification industry Precision Marketing

   "Internet +" The biggest feature is the era of ubiquitous networks, and ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous data, ubiquitous knowledge . Especially in the era of the 21st century data, all based on the data and the development of data and to survive. The future, the number ofIt is like a weathervane of enterprise development, in order to enhance the occasion to marketing ROI. Only through integrated water purifier and rational use of database resources, operation of the business, products, orders, user management, traffic and other data analysis start one by one, in order to better fit the needs of consumers, to gain an advantage in marketing.

   "Internet +" calls for industry better service

   The most important is to share the spirit of the Internet, so Internet companies to service in an important position, it should be manufacturing their learning. Future business development focus is not simply to produce a product, but rather how to truly meet consumer demand. Water purifier companies only do production, service integration, especially in pre-sales, after-sales service grasping, truly "Made-centric" to "service center" make the transition. Of course, this is not to say that attention to "manufacturing" and "product quality", but to a more professional attitude, based on providing quality products, provide more quality service - under the comprehensive follow-up line services, and consumers form a benign interaction. To do this, which is the real understanding of the "Internet +" exquisite esoteric.

   "Internet +" era of water purifier business, both opportunities and challenges, water purifier enterprises should follow the trend of the times, the flow layout, good brand building, the use of large Internet data superiority in precision marketing and quality services, in order to really win the market.

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