Stainless steel tea scale removing method

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   stainless steel tea scale there are many ways to remove, if not removed will affect the use of the cup, with everyone together look.




another name for tea scale tea stains, Dasan, refers to the inner wall of fouling tea, tea siltation due to long-term accommodated together, we often use stainless steel cup to drink water, tea, over time stainless steel cup on tea stained thick layer of scale on the inner wall, while the tea scale contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metal species, cause cancer in humans.


The method of removing dirt cup of stainless steel


The first washed with edible salt, edible salt each have a home kitchen, and low cost. The salt into a stainless steel cup of tea scale, with a small brush or a small rag brush back and forth until the removal of tea scale up. In the process of tea scale brush and add a little hot water to remove tea scale effect will be better.


The second washing with vinegar, vinegar each also have a home kitchen, heating the cup with hot water first, and then poured into a stainless steel cup according to the size of the amount of vinegar, waiting for 4 to 5 minutes and then It can be cleaned with a brush.


A third washing with toothpaste, toothpaste effect not as fast as the first two effects, but also a clean wash tea scale first toothpaste evenly wipe the inner wall of the stainless steel cup, and then the foam brush , on a shelf waiting for 5-10 minutes for the tea to dissolve dirt can be cleaned up. After


mastered the way to remove dirt stainless steel cup of tea, you can correct use stainless steel cup, so that people often use small advice for stainless steel cups, to timely clear internal insulation cup after cup of tea tea scale, to know what the safest drinking cups and other methods is also very important, always pay attention to small household drinking water knowledge.




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