The rise of whetr tea machinwill hit t water purifimarket-

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   Although in terms of application scenarios, using groups such as the recent rise of more than a year quietly tea machines, and water dispenser is not a trail of "competitors." But in the wave of cross-border competition, it is difficult to say large-scale heavy volume of tea machine, will not impact on the water purifier market growth.


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   From the beginning of 2018, in a number of small household appliances factory in Cixi, Zhejiang push of a product called "tea machine" the new product features drinking fountains, quietly through the line three or four markets, as well as online business platform, began volume shipments. Subsequently, it attracted the participation including the United States, Haier, Angel, Meiling, Oaks and other large number of large and medium enterprise promotion.

   Monitoring data from third parties PRC display: tea machine accounted for only 5.6% in line 2018, the line was 8.1%. However, since entering 2019, retail sales of tea machine market improved significantly, accounting for line break 27.8%, compared to expand by 22 percentage points; line market reached 29.3%, up 21 percentage points to mention long.

   but heavy volume rose tea machine, water purifier industry for businesses "is not good news." Because, different from tea machine water purifier, which does not have the water purification filter, bottled water dispenser instead of the traditional functional development and experience improved; Currently, the biggest changes in market tea machine kingpin, is to bottled water from the water exposure type, hidden to the pumping, i.e. equipped with hot water heating function but also has a tea, as well as insulation, refrigeration (electronic or compressor) and other functions. More to solve the drinking scene of the family living room, office, tea, hospitality and other issues.

   Meanwhile, compared to the relative water purifier need to replace the filter element, a set of service, tea machine does not require installation services, only periodic need to replace the bottled water, the water has a ready station, also you can take the water directly from the water purifier. In the living room, office and other public places, in addition to tea machine with hot water function, more importantly, tea, and even refrigeration insulation and other functions, which focus more complex user functional requirements in a single scene to detonate.

   In addition, the water purifier easily two thousand, or even four or five thousand of the price compared to the current average price of tea machine in about five hundred dollars. Brand tea machine in the thousand, and miscellaneous small brand tea machine three or four hundred dollars. ZhongyiKang monitoring data show: tea machine line at the average price of $ 1200, the average price of $ 600 per line, a difference of about 2 times. Thus, from the users acceptance, the tea water purifier machine more convenient than to popularize and promote.

   In the short term, due to the different application scenarios, tea machine more is the living room, office and other places, while drinking is more a kitchen scene, it seems the two are not in direct competition. However, bottled water is water purifier on the road to promote the popularity of "biggest stumbling block", also in recent years that is hot drink straight in public places, the family living room, and offices to promote the biggest obstacle. The biggest advantage compared to the type that is hot water purifying drinking fountains, tea machine is cheap, does not require installation, can be bought directly.

   can be expected, with tea machine in a "new concept of modular functions" affect the consumers way of drinking water, which would hinder the water purifier market promotion and popularity to a certain extent. More importantly, drinking tea machine as a sub-category, targeting the Chinese families and Chinese consumers, "tea to guests" just be expected to continue to maintain a steady growth in the near future. Thus the development of water purifier in the home and commercial premises, resulting in no small influence.

   Faced with this situation, the relevant water purifier companies can no longer "blocks and other" wait and see, but need to act, the use of "cross-border thinking", because a large number of tea machine business, is also a water purifier enterprise, so how will the advantages of tea machine, rapid combination of features and benefits of the water purifier, thus avoiding tea machine still does not use fresh bottled water, and let the water purifier can quickly route through Chaba more families into the machine, no doubt consider the product innovation and marketing capabilities related businesses.

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