Security of supply- water filter wapurifipanic broke down la

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   Many consumers in the purchase of a water purifier, have said why always will be this and that small problems.

   In fact, water purifiers appear at work in some of the phenomenon is normal, but consumers how to identify it?

   Today small water purifiers were large literacy knowledge for you, science is that the consumer about the water purifier.


   01 water purifiers water turbid?

   water purifier water purifier filter part of the effect of determinants, poor quality of water, the filter must be faulty.

   Solution: promptly remove the filter and clean, and then used again, if the water is cloudy, filter life representatives reached the limit must be replaced with new filter.


   02 water purifier water purifier loud?

   have water purifiers use electricity and do not use electricity, use of electricity occurs if it is sound, and that there is a water purifier pressure pump in operation, is a normal phenomenon.

   If you do not use electric water purification products sound great, that the problem appears inside the machine accessories.

   Solution: immediately stop water, the water purifier disassembled parts to see whether or not damage occurred inside, and then erase the dust inside the machine, the replacement of damaged parts, and then assembled using.


   03 water purifier less water or no water how it is?

   is a water purifier inlet, water pipes, filters, decide if it is the first time not the water, but the water intake there is the installation of water pipes in the wrong order.

   Solution: re pipes disassembled, and water purification installation according to the installation instructions sequentially: If no water is used or a period of time less water, may be the cause of filter clogging or pipe clogging.

   pipe plug directly cut partially blocked or replaced with new pipes, clog the filter cartridge removed, washed with water, and then reused, or may be directly replaced with new filter.


   04 water purifier not energized?

   use of electricity after power water purifier needs to clean water, if the water purifier is not energized, it may be the machine itself or power connections appear the problem.

   Solution: checking the power, and power jacks purifiersConnection is normal, it means that the normal failure inside the water purifier, this happens, it is best to return directly to the water purifier factory repair.


  , the source of the water purifier water purifier as representative of the brand, one home water purifiers top ten brands, the product is the source of life, the product quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises, design poor water purifier is not good for consumers.

   While the primary objective is to make the water purifier cleaner, but the actual consumer contact with the water purifier, a water purifier filter material can be dissolved in water into harmful substances.

   not only in water purification technology products and technological aspects of a high starting point, high-tech, high-quality, high efficiency and promote research and development, product development and always maintain the leading position, the maximum to meet market demand.

   (Source: Ann source of water purifiers public number, invasion deleted)

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