WFDSA met with members of the State Administration for Indus

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   March 19 morning, the President WFDSA and unlimited, Amway, Oriflame perfect and seven members of the unit representatives, met with the State Administration for Industry and deputy director Wang Jiangping other leaders. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the development trend of the direct marketing industry, Chinas direct selling laws and regulations, direct corporate social responsibility, marketing, personnel management and product quality issues.



   infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President, Mr. Huang Jianlong behalf of the company introduced the unlimited development of operating conditions, and rationalization proposals on industry problems.

   Wang Jiangping, deputy director affirmed the unlimited direct selling companies and other outstanding contributions to Chinas direct selling industry, as well as the direct marketing industry to stimulate consumption, promoting the role of providing employment opportunities, while on enterprise development proposed a "strictly control product quality and safety, follow Chinese laws and regulations, strengthen the marketing management personnel "three suggestions.

   year is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of WFDSA, based on recognition and commitment to the Chinese market, WFDSA Union will be held in October in Beijing, then, Wang Jiangping, deputy director will also be invited to participate .

   The call, indicating WFDSA of the member units of China attaches great importance to the market, to deepen mutual understanding between the Chinese government and WFDSA and unlimited and other members of the unit, laid the future for further cooperation basis. Infinitus will also continue to work with all sectors of the industry to work together to promote the healthy and sustainable development.

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