6 water purifier priceromotions to attract customs easily

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   In the water industry, whether it is business or brand channel agents, activities under the line is particularly important. The price is always promotional tool, here are six kinds of price promotions, hope the majority of water purification agents to join some reference help.


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six water purifiers price promotions to attract customers easily (Photo from Internet)

   Scenario 1: The illusion of discount

   to customers are not the same feeling, for example: "spend 100 yuan to buy 130 yuan of goods," the illusion discount equal playing Qizhe but to tell customers are not favorable discount goods.

   Option 2: Every minute counts

   let customers flocked Example: "Within two days a section of the water purifier 1 fold," customers buy is limited, but the passenger has brought unlimited business opportunities.

   Scenario 3: Value one yuan

   homes small to take big promotion strategy Example: "several goods worth more than $ 10 to a dollar value to participate in promotional activities", although these goods appears to be a loss of money, but it can attract customers to sell to joint sales, profit is the result of increasing rather unabated.

   Scenario 4: Critical Price

   to the customers visual error, for example: 3280 into 2980 yuan, which is a common marketing programs.

   Scheme 5: Step price

   anxious customers automatically, for example: "initial sales price sales Vincent 1-5, 5-10 days 25% price reduction, 50% off 10-15 days , 15-20 days price cuts of 75%. " Seemingly "risky" approach, but because grab the customers mind, for the shop, the customer is infinite, selectivity is great, the customers do not come, the customers will come. But for customers, the selectivity is the only competition is unlimited. I do not go, someone else will go, so, finally surrendered sure it is customer.

   Scenario 6: cut prices plus discount

   to customers dual benefits, for example: "All the customers to patronize the shop to buy goods over 100 yuan to 10 yuan, and can also enjoy a 20% discount" first the price and then discount. If the hit off 6 100 yuan, 40 yuan lost profits; but over 100 fold by 10 yuan resort to 8, the loss of 28 yuan. But the dual benefits on efforts to entice more customers sales.

   consumer price of the product is the most sensitive, when faced with holidays or special period, may wish to store water purifier can learn more price promotions to attract customers. (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

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