There are 99 words you fusmI was only sixordto tell you

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   water purifiers job is to try to send safe drinking water for each person to protect, but more and more people choose water purifier products when there are many people skeptical attitude towards water purifiers. About water purifier, you really understand it below to listen to a persons heart and soul clean water right

   a party, there was a slightly less familiar friend asked me laugh:?! "Listen say you are doing water purifier, you can use a word to convince me to buy a home water purifier it. "

   I said:"? the body is your own, I did not need to do so. "[123 ]

   as a water purifier, whether daily gatherings or business meetings, heard more or less similar ridicule. In the introduction to others when water purifier, "Oh, I look and see!" Under "Oh, Ill understand!" "This is currently not need!" ...... like this or direct or tactful refusal, for clean water people, but also hear more

   Yes ah reject me, you have even more reason 99;!! but as a water purifier, I was only six words to tell solid, you

a:! wealth is health, in fact, this is the ancient Greek philosopher Plato said. But the importance of health, I believe I do not have to say! But in our lives, we are concerned about food safety, concerns haze and other air pollution, water pollution concerns but was far less than the above two.

   hard to prevent water pollution, food and water for the first if they allow those pollutants in water with impunity into our body, these contaminants will license to hurt us

   Two:!! Its passive sick, why do not we take the initiative to consider installing a water purifier to solve this problem?

   I can afford to refuse, who will bear your irreversible bodily harm!

   there are health and safety risks of drinking water quality , physical harm is cumulative. Drinking water safety problems, for water purification circle of people, almost everyone in fear!

   introduce water purifier with you, when I refused, you have 99 reasons even more! I can bear these refused, because for me, the refusal did not cause "irreversible" harm; but who is going to bear your irreversible health damage because of it, we have heard or seen too many did not buy a water purifier and let the poor? examples of water damage or even physical injury to the irreversible!

   three: always said, and so, what is not, etc.

   car can wait, because missed this trip, we always have the next trip you can choose;

   line up? can wait, because the next one is always your turn;

   mentioned water purifiers when you say wait, I know if you have an effect on water purifiers, doubts about whether it is necessary !

However, what is not like life can not be repeated, can not wait for health

   four:?! everything is focusing on prevention

   for children to play! vaccination, vaccination does not mean you can treat this disease, vaccination is to prevent the biggest role, so children do not easily get related diseases!

   everything is focusing on prevention! purifiers and can not cure, the maximum effect of the water purifier is prevention - prevention of adverse water quality against our bodies

   five: not just for you but also for your family

   World health Organization survey shows that the whole world!! and 80% of diseases are related to poor drinking water quality.

   love is the core of home. Each glass of water on your end for the family, are full of deep feelings of love. So, would you like poor quality of drinking water for your family a cup of it

   water purifier is so, if you despise it, it naturally ignore you;? If you pay attention to it, it will certainly guard you.

   Six: not because of too expensive and unnecessary, not to mention expensive

   understanding of a man, on his sixty-year-old mother, under a starving three children, the family of the burden of full pressure! in one of his shoulders, almost no residual monthly income, but even so, he still stay in their own home and family members to buy a water purifier.

   He said: It is because of economic strain, I care more for my body. Water purifier is not superfluous ah, people should drink plenty of water every day, some things are beyond our control, but I can do is extra layer of protection for yourself!

   can not help but want to point praise for the mans words !

   and find it too expensive because of that excess water purifier, have you ever thought, than to health, hundreds of thousands do not even have a cell phone price of water purifiers, really very expensive!

   water purifier, opens up a whole new era of drinking water, it is a way of drinking waterKind of redefined!

   tell you these six words, not for anything else, just to let more people can be treated rationally in the face of "water purifier useless" argument, correctly recognized net the importance of water trap.

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