Water purifier Mchants do not strayed into these places

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   As the water purification industry into the threshold is very low, but also has the advantages of less investment profitable, so a lot of people want to start their own businesses around the corner. It is also popular because of the industry, so there are a lot of businesses want to shoddy, with poor quality products to deceive agents to join, as franchisees in selecting agents learned when needed following these water purifier investment join the scam.



   1, over-exaggerated

   often appear in various industries inside "First, the top ten, the first ......" and other terms, in the water purification industry, which is true, it is undeniable that there are really a lot of water purifier brand has a strong, come out on top in this field, but there are some unknown small brands played a so-called "ten large water purifier brand "," industry first "and other gimmicks, then to be trusted. For some new to the water purification industry, is not very understanding of the new words might really have believed it, so deceived, so we pay special attention to understand the gimmick under the corporate propaganda is true or false.

   2, whether the policy can be met

   This is the water purifier investment to join in a common scam, a lot of brands in cooperation before out a lot of bells and whistles policy, and often have a lot of support, such as advertising, when ads all the subsidies in the late franchisee, if the case will be sent to join the car, annual travel and so on, but these are after joining the whether the promise will be realized or to be really elegant.

   3, shoddy profiteering

   a lot of unscrupulous businesses in order to quickly grabbing the money, only one-shot deal, and those who did not want to join the long-term cooperation, so they naturally will not spend valuable resources in all aspects of research and development, technology, production, these businesses are basically not have their own manufacturing plants, all of its products are basically It was commissioned some cottage factory OEM. Meanwhile, these bad business for cost considerations, whether it is used or produced water purifier filterDie products are all made with poor quality materials, agents from the surface of the low prices, but in fact because of low production costs still pocketed the profits from the franchisees body, so as to join ten million not enter low-cost water purifier investment agency to join the scam.

   Finally remind you, do water purifier Merchants do not strayed into these scams, so impossible to do business, but also cause some damage.

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