Xinyu City, the first integrated pilot villages and rural wa

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   October 10, Guo villagers Yushui Management Office Guo Feng Feng cents to tighten the faucet open kitchen, clear water "rushing Wow" to flow out. "We finally drink safe water friends." Guo Feng Feng said happily, because of poor water quality in the village, bottled water are used in drinking water at home, at least buy forty-five buckets of water every month.

   to drink safe and clean "safe water", Guo has been the management of the masses of the urgent expectations. For the safety of drinking water, the village more than 200 villagers to buy bottled water to drink, there are nearly 100 families with better economic conditions to install a water purifier. Poor family economic conditions of the villagers had to spend an hour to go 10 miles outside playing spring water to drink. The average per household per month to buy 5 barrels of bottled water, the $ 10 per barrel to calculate the monthly consumption of drinking water there is 50 yuan, the equivalent of 23 tons of water, enough water consumption villager six months. Due to high cost of bottled water, poor households can only get water from their own wells pressure cooking vegetables, not only life inconvenient, but also seriously affect their health.

   "The villagers have repeatedly found the village committee, a request to higher authorities, through the water to the village. However, due to various reasons, the water problem has not been resolved." Branch deputy secretary Guo Guo Xiaojun Management Office said. This finally heard running water, the villagers cheered, all support. $ 600 installation fee, a week of receipt of all. To alleviate the burden on poor people, poor households in the village seven and five out of five households as long as 300 yuan installation fee. "Tap water, is the municipal government for our village to do a maximum of good, solid work." Guo Xiaojun said.

   In order to implement the municipal governments "integration of urban and rural water supply is the largest livelihood projects, benevolent works," the relevant requirements, Guo management office as the citys first integration of urban and rural water supply pilot villages, meticulous organization, speed up, project investment of more than 300 million yuan, from July 26 began laying pipe, September 22 households tables were installed, the installation has been completed 257, accounting for 87% of the total number of the village, to achieve full villages full coverage of the population with water. Since October 1, villagers have to spend with urban residents, "the same network, same price, homogeneous, direct supply to households," the water, the village 1059 bid farewell to the masses drink.

   It is reported that Xinyu City, the integration of urban and rural water supply project officially started on June 28, 2017, as of September 10, a total project investment of 34.5 million yuan. At present, all work in an orderly way, according to the plan, by the end of 2018, more than 50 villages of tap water problem will be solved.

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