Playing safe- Lu Quan water purifier product sales twin-enge

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  Over the years, the domestic water purifier industry mature, competition means from a single product, price, market, transition to contest the overall strength of the enterprise. This is to promote the rational norms of market competition on the occasion, also increased the difficulty and pressure enterprises to participate in market competition. In this case, spring exposed as a powerhouse domestic water purifier industry, for consumers and businesses, developed a "Product + marketing" twin-engine competition. It is understood that, through technological superiority, and constantly exposed spring according to changes in market demand, the introduction of high-quality products, from technology, function, appearance, etc., to grasp the direction of the mainstream of industrial development, to achieve a trade-water appliances, energy efficiency promotion comprehensive radiation policy.

   to promote the market to mature in recent years, Lu Quan water purifier through differentiated strategic layout, precision farming, East China, North China and other regional markets strong, positive radiation important market northeast, northwest, southwest and south China, established from point-to-face, from technology to products from the market to the three-dimensional layout of the industry to achieve a more stable development. Dualistic pattern of urban and rural markets, the changing needs of businesses and consumers, will give many domestic water purifier bring more business opportunities and commercial space. For spring dew water purifier and a number of companies, with the industrys saving upgrading, development will also receive a new growth momentum and market space.

   (spring dew water purifier) 鈥嬧€媗eading water-saving green era Insiders pointed out that the industry groups in the pattern of price increases, spring dew moving in Adversity, pushing not only water-saving water machine and other new products, but also to maintain price stability, and even offer promotions to maintain a stable price trend. This will undoubtedly further establish Quan Lu competitive advantage in the market. At the same time, spring dew is still on the promotional content in depth, launched a buy water purifier water quality testing agent to send, send water electrolyzer and other premium gifts, effectively ensuring family health drinking water. In fact, at this stage, the water purifier for domestic enterprises, only to pre-empt the lead. Only the first effective by starting to force. Water appliances observers pointed out that the domestic water purifier market structure is the result of dynamic competition, which illustrates the dynamic completely open market competition, business opportunities for all are treated equally, but companies need to differentiate the means to lead. Development of water purifier, as an alternative to flat-panel TVs CRT TV, you need a process. The current model of development to build a unique, water purifiers for domestic industry, marketComplex and changing environment, the business model is facing new development bottleneck. How to build a unique business development model in order to get rid of economic and industrial growth trajectory market environment, rising out of a separate curve. How in the process of their own development and growth, but also allow consumers to enjoy the fruits from the market and business development. This series of questions, a test to spring dew as the representative of the domestic water purifier industry leader, have also decided to support the cycle and how China water purifier industry upgrade from manufacturing to create. At the same time, but also directly to dealers, proactive and flexible attitude to launch targeted marketing campaigns. Including the introduction of water-saving water purifier popularity of the storm, with a water purifier five preferential prices to promote their products, but also launched a water purifier UF universal storm, people rush to buy, really really Frequency discount, buy water purification water electrolysis device to send a strong promotional activities, etc. to increase support for dealers through faiths. Meanwhile, the overall increase brand awareness efforts, landing CCTV 3 sets, 5 sets, seven sets, etc., through the establishment of a unified promote the image frequency, implementation of the new branding program. At the same time spring dew water purifier is also heavily engaged there is "nonsense," said the film star pedigree Ng Man Tat spokesmen for the image, to create "healthy water, happy life" brand philosophy. Only concerned about the interests of consumers and the market, in order to ultimately obtain a steady return in the market. Lu Quan logic of this development or expansion in the future as more enterprise development, provide references of wealth. Eventually, it will comprehensively promote the industrys strength and mature market.

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