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   Today is the plums and Mu Xia small gardenia wedding anniversary, satiate afternoon, plums code word Mu in the living room, small summer gardenia tilted his legs on the balcony, drinking homemade tea, chasing bubble play, ha ha ha laugh.

   concentrate on the code word to be disturbed plum Mu Xia Xiao Zhi laugh, turned to look at under the sun that beautiful smile a little drunk, very proud of his plan forced marriage a year ago, this silly girl did not know it.



   so-called forced marriage story is this:

   a number of years ago, March 16, fell in love four years of plums and Mu Xia small gardenia again time because of trivial quarrel, and after half an hour, Xia Xiao Zhi hand and pulling luggage in one hand and holding a fat Garfield running for the door, leaving a plum Mu and the family dog 鈥嬧€媡wenty-two stare look silly.

   is to break up the plum Mu, although small summer gardenia deleted micro letter, phone pull into the blacklist, but really the spirit is very relaxed ah, work back rental nobody clamoring to throw their own socks, playing games It will not be pulling ears, not forced to take a bath before going to sleep at night, go to the bar with friends to drink no life-threatening phone call, ha ha, feel or you can drop.

   until the morning of April 2, a friend called and said see summer gardenia in a small cafe and a blind man, ignorant plum Mu all of a sudden his head, rushed cafe, when you see a small summer Gardenia smile blossoming against the appearance of other men, such as heart knocked over the bottle of vinegar just as bad, especially considering next summer gardenia small hand-washing is the way other men make soup, jealous heart is mad, after a few deep breaths , plums Mu sullenly silently turned and left the coffee shop.

   at night tossing and turning in bed plum Mu, Xia Xiao Zhi how to win back the heart of it, this is a problem worthy of careful thought, must be a hit in the summer of small gardenia firmly tied to the side, completely cut off she hooked up with another mans mind. Damn small gardenia summer, you wayward, crying, timid, extra baggage, greedy woman will be my plums Mu.

   until the day a little brighter, a forced plan also planned better.

   April 3, plums Mu returned home to find the parents of the city, and the old couple to marry Xia said small gardenia meaning, then took the old couple to a bank card and their savings go directly to buy a Bedroom sets hardcover room, and then a new house in the necessary appliances and a series of onlineItems need to get married, and then called his friend to become a new house layout marriage room look.

   On April 6, the plum Mu bring diamond rings, ID and residence, took home the Akita dog, knocked on the door of small gardenia summer home. Relatively small plum Mu Xia Zhi 20 days and have not seen the embarrassment, can be described as Gouzi think the cat into the illness, rush on the TV drama Garfield fat meal mad lick.



   awkward duo stunned a full minute, then Zhaoyan gave each other a hug and impossible.

   then took out a diamond ring Mu plums, ID and residence, on one knee, said Xia Xiao Zhi, thought it was a dog wants to see you, only to find that I was crazy to see you. Get married, I love you!

   On April 7, the two men took out a license to a new house, when Xia Xiao Zhi looked at the design of new homes, especially when the plum Mu pointed to the kitchen AO Smith Kitchen under reverse osmosis water purifier AR400-K2 said, "Do you like to cook their own tea at home, cook fruit tea, green tea brew to drink, drink tea on the use of good floods came, and healthy!"

   hearing this, Xia Xiao Zhi can not help themselves squatting down and cried, the original happiness is someone like you think.

   Smith AO why looking at reverse osmosis water purification kitchen AR400-K2 because this purifier it is integral slim design, small size is not limited installation;? Water flow 1300ml / min, rated total net amount of water is 5500L, fresh running water filter straight straight filter drinking straight; equipped with the patented technology MAX3.0 long-term reverse osmosis filter, 3 year warranty, high efficiency reverse osmosis purification system, heavy metals and antibiotics to prevent pollution and protect the healthy development of children ; 1: 1 ratio lower waste water, high water, and more water, water production rate up to 55%.

   Meanwhile, this water purifier has dual filter replacement reminder system, unique intelligent cartridge replacement prompt mixer + filter replacement warning lamp body, a convenient user-friendly control of real-time filter, changes in water quality, water more confidence; Further, a key pre-intelligent flushing solenoid valve, and patent black & safe water for the process is also the user, escort.



   plum Mu Xia small gardenia married for a year and did not regret it. Even if occasionally quarrel, but the courage to recall the wedding day, on their tolerance of.

   Haha, Xia Xiao Zhi has always had a secret without telling plum Mu, that is small Xia Zhi let plum plum Mu Mu friends tell myself blind date, she also know in advance plum Mu premeditated forced plan ......

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