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   what water to drink at home more secure? which water purifier brand is the best? A lot of people in the new house decoration, it may, like me, usually noticed only decorating the new environment, often very easy to overlook usually drink environment. However, the last time to chat with friends accidentally drinking problem, I discovered more and more serious water pollution today, water has been hard to drink very relieved.



   The question is, what water to the house to drink more at ease it?

   Some people will choose to go self-service water stations to buy water. If you are this way, that I remember watching the water before buy water at water stations whether the inspection, there is no through regular inspection. If you are unsure whether to buy water through inspection, or to boil before drinking better.

   Although the water stations to self-service buying water more favorable price, but I think too much trouble, so before you install the water purifier, I have always been drinking bottled water. Do not pick up their own water, buy water dispenser, whether direct or drink hot water is very convenient.

   But then a friend told me that bottled water is actually there will be secondary pollution, if not promptly after opening finish, which will breed a lot of bacteria, likely to drink affect their health. Or install an end drink straight, with the system ready to drink, healthy and convenient, but also to avoid drinking bottled water and bottled water called forget the embarrassment. Having said that, I can not help but think of the New Year come home before New Year more people, did not prepare enough bottled water, bottled water usually shops have a holiday, the moment did not find water to nearby shops, ultimately boil water to drink, really embarrassing what.

   so in the end I think the installation of water purifiers, home water environment in order to make people more at ease. That water purifier which brand? I recommend to my friends fresh water plus very good, 25-year history, there are nearly 500 global patents and production of water purifiers safe, reliable, advanced technology, easy operation and maintenance, quality is very reliable.

   If you are interested, you can see I bought fresh water plus water purifier, recently launched. The water purifier is a classic black and white color, looks very stylish atmosphere, like the minimalist design should feel pretty good friends. It comes with filter replacement reminders, do not worry because forget the timely replacement of filters and lead to slower water or water quality deterioration and other issues. For the core is also very simple, do not find the master door, change yourself on the line, a plug with a twist of a switch, a few seconds for good. I am most pleased that this fresh water is three plus efficient filters, deep purification of water, drink more confidence.

   This link: http: //www.jingshuiqizs.com/show-13-369.html

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