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   Mid Day double just after, Qin Kang localities. With 11 years of professional precipitation, as well as to re-quality, integrity of the stick and advanced scientific management mode, once again successfully passed the rigorous assessment, in one fell swoop was honored as "National Quality Trustworthy Products", "national integrity of the quality benchmark for the typical enterprise", "National water purification equipment industry quality leader "and three honorary titles.


   Since establishment in 2006, 11 years Qin Kang always adhere to the quality of survival, integrity and development, we attach great importance to the construction of modern quality management system and systematic after-sales service system. After years of hard work and continuous improvement, we have set up a scientific and standardized, quality of life throughout the product life-cycle management and control system, as well as an efficient after-sales service system. At the same time spare no effort in continuing high technology research and development investment, have now been 130 national patents, and gradually established a water purification in China, leading-edge technology in the air purification industry, especially Qin Kang as early as 2010 and successfully developed named micro wastewater RO water purifier machine patent products, has made a significant contribution to the promotion of technological progress of the entire water industry and promote low-carbon green product design. At present, Qin Kang water purifiers business has been covering household and commercial water purification equipment, air purifiers, as well as imported high-end users of whole house water purification system, products are also exported to more than thirty countries and regions, the continuing users worldwide to provide high-quality and comfortable living experience.

   It is this rooted in the hearts of refinements made Moses attitude, stringent quality control awareness and people-oriented service concept, making Qin Kang won the long-term trust of consumers around the world, it has also been widespread community recognition. The company has received "Credible Enterprise" and "corporate integrity" and a series of honorary titles. The three get honor, not only for Qin Kang product quality, brand, service recognition and affirmation, it is the Qin Kang future development of encouragement and encouragement. For the majority of consumers in the purchase of water purifiers, air purifier products, we have a higher standard of reference.

   in the future, Qin Kang will continue to "solve common industry, enhance the user experience, ensure product quality" for the purpose, adhere to quality commitment to integrity, and actively practice the "quality of power, rejuvenating the brand" strategy, to ensure that each quality Taiwan products, Qin Kang for each user to provide high standards of service, quality and build a strong base of integrity, quality and integrity of casting brand water purifiers, continueFor the sustained and healthy development of the contribution of Qin Kang human power.

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