The importance of drinking clean water sourcalysis diagnosis

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Now home improvement, install a home water purifier, it has become fashionable. However, a number of domestic professional home water purification experts remind consumers: install home water purifier, should not blind; because of the large stage of China water purifier brand, conceptual confusion, some manufacturers to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers, chaotic sell net water, ultrafiltration machine, water machine regardless of make it difficult for consumers to choose their own home water purifier. However, to truly choose to suit their own use of water purification products, for consumers need to be on the water quality of your own home is a general diagnosis, the general common methods are:

   1 hope: "Hope" It was observed with the naked eye, a transparent glass may be filled with a glass of water from the faucet home port, the precipitate three hours, and then a precipitate was observed whether the bottom of the cup, if any, impurities in the water suspension described too.

   2 hear:. "Smell" is to use nose to feel the smell of water, my countrys current water they use chlorine disinfection, if exceeded will produce chlorine, a very pungent odor. .

   3 taste: "taste", of course, is about to try to drink, method: hot drinking water, whether there is bleach (chlorine) taste, if you can smell bleach (chlorine) taste, indicating that the water in excessive chlorine! you must use a water filter for a terminal treatment. .

   concept 4: "view" is not the same with the look, some concept is to observe the water situation, the method in a certain time:? With tap water to make tea, whether black tea after overnight observation if black tea, DESCRIPTION tap water containing iron, manganese seriously overweight, with a terminal treatment should be used in addition to iron, manganese water purifier filter.

   5 items:. "Goods" product water is like tea, too hard to understand, method: pour a glass of water, boiled water taste, taste Sese feeling whether and if so, explain the hardness of water? too high. .

   6 search: "check" is to check the homes water heater, kettle, whether the inner wall of the junction layer of yellow dirt some of the water storage containers if hard water at home will be scaling, which is what we? often said that the "scale."

   With the advent of ultrafiltration machine, water machine, soft water machine and a series of home water treatment devices, these common household drinking water has become a problem can be solved, but with the water purifier increasing penetration as well as the arrival of summer, some very important water purifiers use common sense will need to have some understanding,Especially water purifier cleaning, washing may cause long-term use without home water purifier into a "sewage control."

   According to reports, consumers in the purchase of a home water purification products, because the product just did not understand, plus the water purifier shopping guide flicker, and therefore can not properly recognize whether water purification products in line with their own family needs for clean water purifier products is scanty, how water purifier should be cleaned? purifier cleaning methods are there?

   first of all you need to determine what kind of water purifier, pipe filters cartridge main PP cotton, bulk carbon, activated carbon, ceramics, ultrafiltration, exchange resins, the RO several reverse osmosis, wherein the ceramic core may brush with a toothbrush and water exchange resin may be regenerated with saturated brine, by ultrafiltration backwash to flush.

   Other basically disposable cartridge, PP cotton life of 3-5 months, bulk carbon, the activated carbon is about half life, the RO RO is about 2 years. Central water purifier (water purification for the whole house) filter life is generally 5 to 15 years, as have the general water purifier with a central backwash function, which can extend the life of the filter, only these basic values specific life was determined according to the water quality and water consumption at home.

   The filter only replacement product, does not ensure the housing inner wall outlet road no secondary pollution. Different water purification products filter replacement cycle is not the same, relatively low cost of PP cotton must be replaced once a month, three months, compared with activated carbon.

   In addition to the replacement of filters, time needed for the water outlet pipe and other components for cleaning and disinfection or contamination by equipment not much larger than the water treated. Therefore, the purchase of acceptable quality water purification products is particularly important.

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