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  Oxygen-rich water, small molecules of water, magnetized water really that magical? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2016-09-16

   For the human body, water quality and health are inextricably linked, the popular concepts of health today, more and more people have begun to pay attention to water quality. It is because businessmen to seize the people of this blind pursuit of the concept of health, various types of water on the market after another, like what oxygen-rich water, small molecules of water, magnetized water, purified water, mineral water and enough dazzling. These claims can be "different" water in the end we usually drink water any different? Are there magical effect of publicity? Below, we give you a detailed Pa Pa inside of them, hoping to provide a reference for your safe and healthy drinking water.

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   1, oxygen-rich water

   over a period of time, some packaging speculation businesses have high water dissolved oxygen "oxygen-rich water", claims the use of sophisticated technology lock oxygen product the dissolved oxygen content can reach 6-10 times that of ordinary drinking water, can effectively complement the human body needs oxygen. In fact, this oxygen-rich water is simply dressed in the cloak of science flicker consumers, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the market the most oxygen-rich water will 80ml / L, while normal human breathing oxygen had once obtained 100ml, it can be said , a resultant normal breathing oxygen equivalent amount consumed two bottles of oxygen enriched water.

   In addition, a European medical journal has published an article that the oxygen-rich drinking water can reflect the degree of muscle fatigue lactic acid value dropped against aging unfavorable. Experts suggest that, with strong support from the premise of a lack of theoretical and clinical trials, or less contact as well.

   2, small molecule of water

   In accordance with some businesses publicity, small molecule of water refers to the use of certain methods concluded by the cutting portion 5, 6 water molecules hydrogen obtained from water this aspect of the water is more easily absorbed, so as to achieve the effect of physical fitness, longevity of illnesses. At the same time, they also claimed that the use of O-frequency nuclear magnetic resonance (abbreviated NMR) treatment to give small molecule clusters.

   In view of this, the Peoples Dailys "Life Times" has published a special report, the article mentioned some of potable water molecules can indeed achieve relatively small, but there is no evidence to prove that it is directly related to health, let alone a cure.

   Related studies show that water wasThrough processing of the magnetic field, its physical and chemical properties change does happen, but not less hydrogen bonding in water, but there is a small rise, that will result in water clusters become larger. As opposed to the number of businesses declared.

   3, magnetized water

   For magnetized water, the current research at home and abroad a lot, but there is no benefit to the organism in the end, there is no unified accurate statement. According to some businesses "research", after the water is magnetized, the enhanced activity, associated original macromolecular chain, broken into individual small molecules, the molecular dipole moment of water is offset, have the original hydrogen bonding angle becomes 105 掳 is 103 掳, so that to achieve the human health effects.

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   hydrogen bond angle changed? You read right, some businesses are "R & D" products can be a magnet permanently change the structure of water molecules, is not a magic too? ! In fact, in order to permanently change the internal structure of water molecules, is the need to have a very strong magnetic field and slow water flow can. Generating a strong magnetic field of current needs a lot of great volume of the permanent magnet or, ordinary people can not put it down. Stable and slow flow of water is not a home water pipe with nature. So there are all advertised on behalf of magnetized water aquatic products sold in the current market, including pure water or water purifiers, it is unlikely to be true of magnetized water.

   4, pure water

   refers to a pure water does not contain any impurities, H鈧侽, clean water or water for short, by electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other appropriate obtained from processing methods, it can be directly consumed.

   for the average family, pure water using water municipal water supply system in line with national drinking water standards through purifier filter in the system, it can not only effectively prevent various types of bacteria invade the body, to safely the body to add moisture, but also has strong solubility, strong affinity with human cells, promote the role of metabolism.

   It is worth noting that some people think that pure water does not contain any minerals, long-term consumption of the human body adversely. Indeed, some of the minerals in the water to provide the necessary intake, but only a small part, there is no scientific evidence that drinking water can not be long-term.

   5. Mineral Water

   Natural or natural spring mineral water from deep underground drilling collected by filtration perennial bottom, Purification and activation, rich in minerals, the human body absorption rate. However, due to resource constraints origin, many brands of mineral water in fact belong to the artificially added minerals, trace elements made of water after water purification.

   whether natural or mineral mineral water, since it contains more minerals, excessive drinking will increase the burden on the kidneys and bladder, therefore, patients with chronic inflammation, hypertension and heart disease are not long-term drinking.

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