Water purifier market segments two schools- targeting custom

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   enterprise strength again strong, its energy is still limited, it is impossible to meet all the requirements to provide products and services to market, not to mention SMEs. Thus in order to effectively compete in the market, companies need to conduct market segmentation, target the most profitable market segments focus on breakthroughs in order to increase competitive advantage. Water purifier business in todays product homogeneity, competition means homogenization of the background, identify the category market segment in favor of identifying market opportunities, outperform their competitors.




water purifier market segments two schools: category targeting customer segments that target segment (picture from the network)

   water purifier category segmentation : this is the trend, but also to enhance the competitiveness of the industry

   As early as 2010, disseminate and business practices associated with the category strategy concepts and methods of deepening, more and more Chinese enterprises to segment and category category strategy as a core business strategy, various industry segments in full swing in the category, a new category emerging; for example, in the mobile phone industry to be divided into pictures, smart, music, business, and other products; in energy drinks is also divided into , carbonic acid, fruit juice; regarded as a DC inverter, AC variable frequency air conditioning industry and so on ......... this is the development of future industry trends.

   water purification industry, market segmentation is also in full swing, its broken objects, mainly the formation of two schools:

   First, the water purifier product category positioning segments

   guided by the market "differentiation" filtration accuracy of the filter and water purification products and other factors, water purifier brands also continue to strengthen brand building, and adhere to the road of differentiated marketing can be described as a twist their brains have shouted a "different voice" in the market, so there will be from the water purifier kitchen water purifier, central water purifier, water purifier, energy machine, straight drink machine, water softener, etc. in recent years, subdivided dazzling variety: first, the water purifier material segments: water machine, the machine body such food-grade PVC material, an LED display; secondly, to precision filtration segments: water machine aimed to solve the drinking water needs of the family, is the pursuit of high-quality drinking water of choice for families, stainless steel water filter aimed at solving all aspects of domestic water needs. Finally, the concept of segmentation: the market has never lack the concept of market segments brand, a brand of water purifiers proposed: Good water, good life;Another brand water purifier to play: good water source, net of the spring; technically, a brand successfully developed the "net core technology lead in the industry put forward the" smart "concept; in terms of a certain brand of water purifier product research and development," Chinese wind " after the "blue and white" and other products to market, by consumers, China put forward the concept of elements. In addition, water purifier brand of "aging industry" have begun to "Lotus Just Buds", almost all of the water purifier brands are habitually consume objects locked in 20 to 49 years old this "gold consumer level." , but in everyday life, the elderly are most often family members stay at home, they are also the most likely to be in contact with family members with water, so that the elderly are often the most important home water purifier consumer groups. But a lot of water purifier manufacturers to turn their attention to the younger generation, but ignored the elderly this huge consumer market.

   Second, water purification products to be targeted based on customer segmentation

   compared to the previous price war, promotion war, a lot of water purifier brand more and realized that only enhance their brand awareness, enhance product quality, in order to win the favor of consumers. Through visits to understand the national market, faced with a growing number of consumers at different levels, forward-looking businesses began to identify the target segment customer groups to suit different levels of consumers. For example, many well-known brands suitable for mass consumer brand; villa for the past two years increased customer base, many water purifier merchants who are targeting this opportunity to launch a special service for such high-end customer base. A certain brand of water purifiers official told the author, for the villa owners, they also proposed a whole house water purification concept, in addition they also have a special VIP service, providing specialized designer villa owners one on one service, from design to Finally, install the tracking service.

   Finally insight into consumer demand, according to the subdivision

   category segmentation opportunities existing reserves category and, at the same time, the speed category breakdown of opportunity and economic development and social development new trends, the faster, the faster the breakdown of the brand, the more opportunities category breakdown of economic development, a creative director Shih-Hsien Chang believes the following three segments opportunities exist in the future of China water purifier brand category: 1 benefit from the upgrading of high-end consumer category; 2, has a good mental resources category accumulation; 3, comply with health, environmental trends of the new class.

   Overall, the water purifier market segments With the growing competition in the market seemMore important, but I believe that: a breakdown of the benefits of the market to better meet consumer demand, and secondly, to provide more professional services, Three is selling their products, but remember blindly imitate.

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