Rongshida protect and promoteduction quality to meet markede

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   Rongshida water purifier new products - Wall heating since the RO machine from the market, by agents fancied orders soared. In order to ensure market supply, Rongshida clutching production lines to expand production, strict customs logistics quickly shipped to more consumers in the summer to spend more safe and convenient water purification products.

   The new heating wall RO filter purifying function machine with hot and cold water pipe machine drink straight into one, filtering, heating step reached, thus the production process more complicated, more sophisticated operation, higher technical requirements. Manufacturing center completed for the quality and quantity task orders, the staff familiar with new production processes, improve production efficiency, long before the new production will be devoted to staff to carry out technical training, all the technical points of new production considerations are described in detail and conducted drills to show on the relevant details of the operation.

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   To ensure that the new zero-defect quality, production strictly enforce the posts responsible for system and testing system, every aspect of the production of posts and the responsibility of the staff to ensure that zero error production operations. Finished product must be tested to detect multiple lines, to see the machine filters, pipelines, heating tank whether the normal operation, the parameters of compliance with standards. Packaging for transporting goods by machine posted the "identity card" to included product-related information, to improve storage efficiency of the library, Take Measures to make the product reach each channel network as soon as possible.

   It is reported that wall heating RO machine consumers much praise Rongshida water purifier store, due to both functionality and aesthetics, continued selling two new products, expand market share rapidly. Getting into the summer, Rongshida wall heating RO machine is fast leading the wave of a new round of clean water, to provide consumers with the most attentive care of clean water.

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