3m recoil prefilter processing methods

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   3m recoil pre-filter flushing method you know? Xiao Bian also a lot of data for this query.




backwash filter apparatus using such a precision filter for direct intercept impurities in the water, and then removing the water of suspended solids, particulate matter, to reduce the turbidity to purify the role of water quality, so as to reduce system in the dirt, bacteria and algae and rust, you know backwash filter principle? do you understand 3m pre-filter backwash price?


raw water from the inlet flows into the outlet, into the interior of the filter cartridge, and then from the inside out through the filter bucket, impurities are intercepted in the inner wall of the filter cartridge, clean filtered water flows out from the outlet, the inner wall of the cartridge when more impurities accumulate in the filter cake formed in the surface of the cartridge, and the cartridge is gradually formed inside and outside pressure, pressure controller when the pressure reaches a preset value, the self-cleaning process starts.


Pre-cleaning filter 3M how clean self-cleaning process


self-cleaning process is to rely on the filter surface of rotary motion along the inner cartridge washing brushes and drain valve have completed, open drain valve is blocked so that a negative pressure within the cartridge, the cartridge attached to the inner wall of the present vitro cake is washed down by the brush cleaning relationship by a negative pressure in the drain valve is discharged. The cleaning process is about 60 seconds, the system continues the cleaning stream.


3m pre-filter backwash cleaning control how


LJ Series self-cleaning filter operation with differential pressure / time / manual three functions, we also specially designed for you priority level control function, that is, in any case, as long as the system pressure reaches a predetermined value, the device will start the self-cleaning function, in order to better protect your systems up and running. Automatic self-cleaning filter application range of industrial filtration applications: source water cooling water chemicals, steel, paper, power plants, automobiles, mining, water and other industries and in water and next to the water treatment, cooling and heating system circulating water, cooling water, chilled water filter; head protection; tertiary treatment of sewage; municipal water reuse; Drag water; filtration and the like before the RO system.


through these presentations, I believe you know 3m recoil pre-filter method of flushing knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask:? Home must be installed according to Xiao Bian it pre-filterKnowledge of small household water content suggest that you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality compliance in fact is not required.




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