Water purification agents franchisee must see to tractourist

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   water purification industry has become the hottest venture capital projects, water purification agents joined the high-margin low threshold, many entrepreneurs have flocked spotted this, but many water purifiers have experienced agents to join this : the stores are crowded in front of the crowd pass by every day, into the store to see people are rare. Then, water purification agents franchisees how to attract customers into the store, to enhance the water purifier store sales do?




water purification agents franchisee must-see attraction off need to do a five-point source (Photo from Internet)

   first, store renovation

   water purifier store design and decoration, mainly attracted to and from customers, and let them He stopped and attract them into the store, and then guide them to buy their goods. So the store in addition to the first-class quality products, the store should be novel and unique decoration to fully organize regulation of a good store space, reasonable to make good use of every inch of space, commercial space design should have open, flexible, and convenient shopping for people to take a rest and Ferris of features, from face store trick, furnishings, reception area, to discuss the image of the wall area, so that all aspects must be coordinated and unified, to achieve the overall style of the store to attract customers in the past .

   Second, professional competence

   as a proxy franchisee water purifier must have the professional knowledge and technical characteristics and performance of products, then this is reflected in the water purifier manufacturers in the choice of brands support capability, and a good water purifier manufacturers should have systematic training. Imagine if you do not have enough professional training system a set of words, when a customer entered the shop asked questions you can not answer or answered, then he will think you are professional enough not to trust you ultimately can not be traded, forcing professional enough leading to the cause of death can not be traded.

   Third, establish a database of potential customers

   for the consumer electronics market, the new water purifier is a darling of the people, there will be curiosity, if there is a water purifier local stores they will certainly Take a look into the look when a customer enters the water purifier store, usually after first understand the product, but there are times when it can not form a transaction, at this time, water purification agents franchisee should have a keen this insight will be one of your potential customers, as joined agents should try to leave potential customersInformation, establish a good potential customers data, communicate regularly return visit to find ways to obtain customer approval, so that they have confidence in you, encourage potential customers into actual buyers.

   Fourth, allow consumers to become "repeat"

   water purifier shop how to get consumers to become "repeat" is essential. Loyal customers also need to support daily operations, not patrons of sales is not possible long-term. Want to make new customers become old customers, customers want to make their products word of mouth, business will allow more customers to "take advantage", so that they always feel that they are the beneficiaries. Couponing businesses in order to attract customers is a common means, ranging from the amount of these coupons, offers varying degrees, but often can bring the customers second purchase.

   Fifth, after-sale protection

   present time, only to ensure product quality, in order to eliminate the worries of consumers fundamentally increase transaction success rate of products, development of natural water purifier manufacturers We can move forward. Water purifier manufacturers want big, strong, want to become the minds of consumers of the brand, product quality is the first. So, no matter how the situation changes, not forgetting the beginning of the heart is important, good products should not be just a slogan.

   store renovation, the second professional competence, establish a database of potential customers, so that consumers become a "repeat", after-sale protection are the key source to obtain sustained profitability, water purification agents should in their daily lives Note the accumulation of contacts, using a variety of new marketing model to attract customers is also very important!

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