The shelf life of bottled water is long

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   above all bottled water each corresponding shelf-life, the time of purchase must be spotted production date, do not buy expired bottled water, bottled water is the shelf life how long?




bottled drinking product categories, including mineral water, pure water (with distilled water) and drinking water and the like, wherein the mineral water and pure water to the market-based, these are bottled water, bottled water is a certain shelf life, so the shelf life of bottled water, how long?


generally have the shelf life of bottled water, bottled water is one year, three months bottled water, stored in shady, dark place, but not mineral water after opening to ensure that the above-mentioned period, should be consumed as soon as possible, after all bottled water should not be opened more than ten days; most are no more than two weeks, because bottled water in the water release while the volume of airborne bacteria tend to enter the water with bubbles, generally one cubic meter of air about 5,000 bacteria (not pathogens), over time the bacteria multiply and affect the growth of water sanitation, the water should be consumed as soon as possible after opening and should not keep,


mineral water mainly from deep underground, they are the thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago water. Under the current provisions of the national standard for drinking natural mineral water as mineral water, first of all we should not contain harmful substances detrimental to health or, secondly, must contain a certain amount of trace elements beneficial to human body characteristics, such as lithium , strontium, zinc, bromine, iodine, silicic acid, selenium, total dissolved solids and other indicators of boundaries, at least one value must meet national standards for mineral water, mineral water or can not be called. Because of different ages and formation of geological structures is formed, a variety of mineral water contained in the presence of a very large difference in the amount and types of minerals. High-quality mineral water is usually low in sodium, moderate mineral content, comprising one or more characteristic trace element, this mineral water is conducive to good health, taste the water quality is also good. After


After a detailed introduction of small series, more people know the long shelf life of bottled water, so that after the date of purchase to be spotted, but also need to finish as soon as possible after opening the lid at the same time, like these families drinking little knowledge they need to understand, so always drink bottled water, okay? Certainly not good for the body.




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