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   Currently, most of the water pipe buried in the ground are galvanized pipe, in the damp underground very easy to rust. Urban construction experts have said that in a city or town, most of the pollution comes from tap water pipe itself, long-term cumulative down the rust off easily under the impact of the water, causing secondary pollution to the water.

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   Although the tap water when the factory is up to the national standard, but to play the role of transport water pipe after a long service life, the pipeline will form rust, colonies, sediment and other impurities, after the water pipeline will carry these contaminants from reaching the residents of the home. Facts have proved that long-term drinking water with rust, and will bring some health threat.

   scientific evidence, the number of cities who have liver disease is much higher than in rural areas, of which the most important reason is that tap water is iron oxide. Iron could have been an indispensable element of the human body, but the excess will cause adverse effects on the liver, severe cases may also be infected with liver cancer.

   In order to drinking water your familys health, I recommend that you prepare a home water purifier

   characteristics of water purifier:!

   1, to remove suspended particles. Completely remove the remaining water and sand, rust, sand, suspended solids, impurities and the like.

   2, removing harmful substances in water, inhibit the growth of bacteria. Removal of heavy metals and organic pollution in water and inhibit the growth of bacteria, many of the harmful substances into harmless substances in water, while increasing the sweet taste of water.

   3, the hard water into drinking water. Calcium can, higher levels of magnesium hard water by ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium ions, relief structure, tea scale, hard water into soft water suitable for human consumption.

   4, add the necessary elements of the human body. Cartridge contains potassium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc macroelements, iron, selenium, strontium, iodine, silicic acid, 30 Microelements necessary for the body.

   5, change the molecular structure of water. Four cartridge can play effect, instantly converting macromolecules into small molecules of water of water.

   6, the removal of harmful substances and high molecular organic substances in water. Efficient filter out particles in water, suspended solids and bacteria and other harmful substances pyrogen, the complete elimination of organic polymer.

   7, odor removal. Antibacterial, odor removal the water, and more sweet taste.

   Based on several characteristics above water purifier, and then encountered the aging water pipes, water was secondary pollution problem, do not worry, after all, we have the final layer of security.

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