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  PP cotton water purifier in what role? OF: Net Tim purification Browse: 455 Time: 2019-4-18 11:33:05 pp cotton filter using non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, after heating and melting, spinning, drawing, tubular shaped and formed to accept filter. If the polypropylene-based feedstock, it can be called PP meltblown filter. PP cotton filter performance advantage of a variety of particulate matter can effectively remove the water from the outside to the inside pp cotton flow through the filter layers, the inner layer close to the filter, the filter pore size is smaller the higher the accuracy. After particulate impurities in the PP filter channels when, bridging phenomenon occurs even particles smaller than the pores, blocking can also be live, so that the filtered liquid to go addition of various particulate impurities. The multilayer structure of Formula 2 deep, a very large amount of pollutant PP cotton filter outer relatively coarse fibers, fine fibers and the inner layer, the outer layer is relatively loose, the inner layer close to form a graded multilayer gradient gradual tightening diameter structure. Each layer of such a multilayer structure can be intercepted, impurities in the water reservoir, together many layers, dirt holding capacity will be enormous. 3 filtered flow, pressure difference and PP cotton material polypropylene fibers entangled self-bonded rely, form a three dimensional labyrinth microporous structure, with traditional fabrics and different distribution of fibers carded nonwovens, which has a more large specific surface area, higher porosity. Large surface area and more holes, allowing water quickly through PP cotton, will not make too much difference between the height of the water inside and outside, so not only filter flow rate, and pressure is also smaller. 4 does not contain chemical binders, more hygienic, safe by meltblowing polypropylene, traction, receiving technology, rely on the self-adhesive polypropylene fibers entangled with each other to form a PP cotton filter different shapes and sizes. And other cartridges are not the same, PP cotton filter does not need to bond with other materials. Since the chemical composition of the PP clean, and in line with food hygiene standards, will not produce secondary pollution due to the material of the liquid to be filtered, safer to use. 5 good chemical stability, acid, alkali, organic solution, the chemical stability of PP cotton oil and its closely linked polypropylene material. Very good chemical stability of polypropylene, in addition to be concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid corrosion, are relatively stable to a variety of other chemicals. Because of this property, pp quilts used in various fields of chemical, electronics and the like. 6 has a large flow resistance,Corrosion resistance, high pressure due to the multiple advantages of the characteristics of cotton PP, having a large flow rate, high precision, corrosion resistance, and high pressure, plus it is not very high cost, widely used in water, drinking water prefilter food processing, pre-processing filter RO machine penetration. Although the effect of PP cotton should not be underestimated, but that is only the first threshold only as a water purifier filter, performs an initial filter tap water. To know the most important water purifier to filter harmful substances in water, or ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis membrane filter.

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