Water purification equipment in the -KDF- Wh is KDF wh effec

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   In our usual optional other water purification water purification equipment hear "KDF", in fact a purification filter device, is a high copper / zinc alloy, the electrochemical oxidation - reduction (electron transfer) reactions, effectively reduce or removal of chlorine and heavy metals in water, and to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in water, it is the ideal method of water treatment. So, were pretreated with KDF water, what are the benefits? What applies? A look at it!




water purification plant "KDF" What is KDF what effect? (Picture from the network)

   The benefits of hydrothermal pretreatment with KDF

   KDF pretreatment with water is a simple, low cost method. It is possible to protect the expensive consumable component of the water is not affected by chlorine, microorganisms fouling. And microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane, ion-exchange resin, as compared to activated carbon particles, KDF has more advantages in improving efficiency of water treatment and continued to maintain high aspect consume less. Today, KDF already on tap from the kitchen to the international industrial cooling water treatment have been widely used.

   1. Reduce mineral scale

   KDF treatment medium prevents the formation of hard scale and accumulation of minerals, mainly calcium carbonate, calcite form to prevent crystallization.

   2. The reduction of suspended solids

   KDF55 filter medium can effectively remove particles of a small diameter to 50渭m, prevented from entering the body. .

   3 removes an oxidant (chlorine)

   The total water taste bleach city water, because of containing chlorine, it generates a potential carcinogen - trichloromethane, also lead to many human diseases. KDF55 possible to effectively remove the residual chlorine, other oxidizing agents in water.

   4. inhibit the propagation of microorganisms, controlling the growth of microorganisms

   5. The removal of heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide

   KDF generally applicable in what?

   suitable for chlorine-treated municipal tap water. Including the use of tap water in place residents, businesses, schools, utilities and light industry, construction sites and factories.

   KDF Is it safe? There is no harm to the human body?

   KDF copper and zinc patented filter has been widely applied to various industrial production processes of water treatment, and can be recycled, without any additives, can be safely used in hospitals, hotels and a variety of water treatment utilities device.

   KDF55 zinc and copper content of the highest standard treatment media to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) on drinking water requirements such as KDF treatment medium can be removed 10ppm chlorine concentration in water, but still meet EPA drinking water on a predetermined maximum allowable amount of zinc. Therefore, you can rest assured that application.

   General techniques, material particle sizes can selected according to remove all big, or remove certain range of particle. The KDF can effectively solve the problem of heavy metals, retain beneficial substances, such benign option is not available in a lot of technology. KDF has a long life, a feature may repeat the cycle.

   is currently on the market are more similar products, but the quality is uneven, so when consumers buy water treatment products, pay attention to its use is not genuine KDF media to ensure water quality effective purification.

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