To strengthen the construction of water purifier manufacturs

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   For the friends interested in joining the water industry, there are two things must be clear: First, clean water GB; the second is wading document. Water purification agents wanted to join, it is necessary to understand these two terms.



   usually what we call, a water purifier GB, that is the national standard water purifier. Is a water purifier water purifier manufacturers must follow standards, mandatory national standard, only strictly follow the national standard, in order to ensure the quality of water purification products. At present, although my country has also formulated relevant standards, but because of the complexity of the treatment, a number of standard uncontrollable, and set out the standard is not necessarily entirely reasonable. It is understood that fresh water is added, and the current national standard water purifier matching "Household and similar water purifier performance test method" has completed the development work, scheduled for release in the second half of 2015. Then, the water purifier manufacturers will follow standard.

   and wading document, i.e. water purifier manufacturers product license. Wading this document is very important to have it, a manufacturers of water purification products is qualified products. Without wading document, it indicates that a manufacturers products are either unqualified or untested. Wading this document is not easily able to get, only with relevant technology, research capacity in order to be granted. Add fresh water purifiers, early in 2008, the full acceptance by the Chinese Health Authority, the countrys first wading to get this document.

   Complete understanding of these two terms. So the question is, the current national standard has not yet introduced a water purifier, buy a water purifier or a water purifier manufacturers have to join the agency how to pick it?

   The answer is self-evident. Thats sure to choose a wading documents relating to the manufacturers. Only select manufacturers have to wade this document, your life, your water purifier business did not have to worry about.

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