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"For the price of all products made adjustments whose sole purpose is to let consumers without their support and trust of today would not be spring," which is the spring to the chairman of Mr. Ouyang Kwai will consumers solemn commitment. The ones who enjoy a policy, the country in various regional consumer "up" one, so "to help the people" consumer policy, to give the spring to the point of a "like"!

   quality trusted none other people look forward to

   any brand, to get consumers, the most fundamental thing is to look at the quality, good product quality is the cornerstone of a foothold, is the life. Springs from its inception in 1997, becoming the only one in the whole China through the United States NSF certification authority of enterprises, and have been awarded Chinas top ten brands on the net first, made three consecutive Yangzhou International Marathon designated sponsor, and many other water purifiers honor, come spring, and the minds of consumers already have a good reputation in the market by good products and services. Springs to lead the water industry took the lead through none other storms, to repay consumers with the most favorable price, while leading the industry to return to the track of normal development, the water industry to achieve healthy, rapid and sustainable development, and ultimately through good product, price and service to win customers.

   Town and vigorously carry out projects that benefit the town

   rural dirty water, water conditions and more complex, rural consumers are aware of the fact that dirty water, with the upgrading of rural income rural consumers are gradually improving the standard of living and quality of life, hope to solve the problem of dirty water in some way. So the rural township is a vast market, there is a huge opportunity for development.

   In recent years, the company made great efforts to carry out the spring urbanization strategy, vigorously promote the development of ideas Wan Town Chin County, has made gratifying achievements. After the pilot through the country, has been formed to Sichuan, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places featuring base, spark become a prairie fire. Chuen, the company has to find a way how to quickly bring products to the development of the rural market. Currently, to set up a special spring promotion department, vigorously with dealers across the country to do the rural market promotion activities, manufacturers work. Recently, the VIP will hold a national dealer meeting in Sichuan, then, the country has more than 50 VIP customers will gather in Sichuan, discuss and share successful experiences.

   However, in the water purification equipment priceOn the grid, the economic level of rural market is certainly not compared to the city center and its relative price sensitivity is much higher, so use the most friendly price none other people, improve the quality of life of people in rural areas, to protect their drinking water health .

   spring has been adhering to the "quality of life" of the guidelines, adhere to the conscience to do business, people-oriented, concerned consumers, service consumers, service-oriented products. And the storm Xuan none other dealers from wave after wave of boom, while moving to the township water purifier market a solid step, to choose spring, spring work together to achieve win-win!

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