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   In order to win market, higher product sales are key factors play a decisive role. For some small water purifier business, in addition to brand, but how quickly improve product sales, it should be the most important issue for enterprise development and gain a foothold in the fierce competition.

   The industry marketing experts believe, to do business, it must increase sales mainly to objective reality, only a practical step by step to do, and sales companies will be able to obtain rapid increase, thus more profits to detonate Marketing . In the specific implementation process, companies need to grasp the following seven key steps:



   First, feel market reality.

   the enterprise market, there are two, one is the business mind of the market, the other is the reality of the market. Enterprises should grasp the reality of the market and not present in the minds of fantasy market. Companies need to understand the critical moment of contact with the consumer and the perception of audiovisual products, and selling the concept and test for them. Target consumer favorite color, image, graphics, advertising slogans, services to meet the demand.

   The second is the competitor selection strategy.

   market, not a business one market. All competitors will be the business forward in the process of resistance. Marketing guru Shandong planning the first person to random excitations that: enterprises to understand the competitive situation of enterprises to develop market strategies, especially the new brand on the market have to do to overcome. The main competitors to know what the competition is to understand the strengths and weaknesses yes. For example, competitors and competitions in the brand image, sales and distribution, product quality, network coverage, after-sales service. Many times we see that some companies are huge, but if you go in depth to know if they found there are a lot of blind spots. This is a powerful trend that SMEs can occupy.

   Third, an objective evaluation of their own.

   is on the water purifier business owners are often on their own products full of confidence, and sometimes can be called blind self-confidence. But though companies are not market-oriented objective assessment would tend to be self-contained herself. This time we need to make an objective evaluation of their own. The single best way is to conduct business strengths and weaknesses analysis. Among them, analyze the advantages and disadvantages primarily focus on their own strength and its comparison with competitors, and the opportunities and threats analysis will focus on the externalOpportunities and changes in the environment that may affect the business of the companies, however, the same changes in the external environment, with different resources and capabilities to bring the pregnant threat but may be completely different, and therefore, there are close links between the two.

   Fourth, make a product selling point.

   any business is profit by selling products to get profits. Similarly, product planning is an important part of marketing. We want to make our products selling point on the basis of deep insight into the market, including new packaging concept, unique features points of interest demands, create high-quality and value, and so on. Only products with a reason to selling only allow consumers to buy.

   Fifth, make the product into the brand.

   water purifier is something tangible, substantial utility is able to bring something to the consumer. The brand is the effect on consumer psychology stuff. Only the actual water purification products and consumer psychology coincide able to resonate. This is what we have to find the metaphysical from the core value of the product itself excavated brand, brand positioning, brand identity, brand personality, brand proposition. So that it can endure the brand after the product life cycle.

   Sixth, the brand plump up.

   we can through the production process, the country of origin, local culture, brand story, human emotional aspects, further to bring consumers closer sense of self. This time you can use a variety of print and television class information about a variety of ideas about products, brands, so that products are no longer thin, thick make up the brand.

   Seven is to let more people know.

   a lot of the companys products is advantageous, many business owners for their products are very confident, worse than the boss would say such and such a big brand quality to be higher than several times, but they What is lacking is it? Why are they so good product and product sales do not rise up? At this time we have to do is question of brand communication. Contain the spread and spread outside the enterprise within the enterprise in the process of brand communication, only internal staff familiar with the product and we have to be able to sell to resellers and partners. Only external spread in place to be able to allow more consumers desire to buy. In the communication process, we have to do is demand a unified brand communication, unified brand communication main line. We only demand consistency, and consistency of the body, weTo be able to create a strong brand image, effectively cutting into consumers soul.

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