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   Recently, under the Shaoyang Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau made a full coverage of the citys rural drinking water safety supervision work to consolidate and promote cum-briefing, a comprehensive summary of the first three quarters of the citys drinking water safety work carried out as well as deficiencies and problems, and the next phase of work put forward specific requirements.

   the first three quarters, Shaoyang City, rural safe drinking water project funds 1.588 billion yuan has been put in place, at the 1167 projects are planned for this year at the 1013 projects under construction, the operating rate of 87%; have been completed at 494, the completion rate of 42% . Among them, one thousand tons at 63 million project to complete the design at 48, started at 32.

   615 at the citys key projects livelihood of people drinking water safety plan all the work, completed at 389, to solve the drinking water problem has 173,500 poor people, accounting for 19.04 million people in the province given the task of 91.12%.

   informed that 12 counties held one after another this year, the party committee and government executive standing committee will study the deployment of the full coverage of rural drinking water safety cum consolidate and promote the work, set up a high-profile leadership team or headquarters overall responsibility for the guidance and supervision of project implementation, developed a project implementation plan, by the level of government was approved. Meanwhile, the urban county peoples government and town (township) signed letters of responsibility, break down the task to implement the responsibility.

   Shaoyang county efforts to promote maximum, special funding arrangements work headquarters office more than 16 million yuan, the county party secretary Jiang Wei county dispatch 18 people drinking water safety work, interviews and township departments responsible for six of 18 people, a strong impetus the conduct of the county people safe drinking water work.

   Shaoyang municipal government from 2017 to start the implementation of rural drinking water safety project to consolidate and promote full coverage cum, plans to use two years a comprehensive solution to the citys rural drinking water safety, engineering a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan, of which the central and Province, rural drinking water safety project to enhance the consolidation of special funds only 500 million. The face of huge funding gap, urban counties have "started running brains" approach by integrating agriculture-related funds, the county finance allocate funds to the policy bank loans and other financing to fully tap the potential of Wugang, new Shao, Cheung plans to adopt PPP model to build six scale water works, has started preliminary work, Wugang three projects about to enter the public bidding.

   2017 mission municipal government is determined to ensure that solve the problem of drinking water 210,000 poor people, and strive to solve25 million people, at the same time, all started a single village, the village works to be 100% complete, the scale of million tons or more water tender design to be completed, started during the year, which, Shaoyang county and three districts during the year to all completed, the full realization of full coverage of rural drinking water safety.

   At present, the urban counties around two years and this years overall goal stated objectives, is to seize the favorable weather, inverted construction, stepping up the construction progress. Municipal government Du Chashi will once again safe drinking water to urban counties who work full inspection in about mid-November, test results included in the annual performance appraisal.

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