You do not know life schedule, pharmaceutical manufacturing

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  You do not know life schedule, pharmaceutical manufacturing will produce much pollution publishing site: Published: 2018-11-19 Water pollution is the most important issue of environmental pollution, which has a broad, universality, diversity feature. On pollution control difficult, complex pollution, investment and more difficult to run. Our water pollution, especially in basin-wide water pollution problem has been known as one of the current problems of environmental pollution, the most representative. Currently, emissions of organic wastewater severely damaged the countrys water environment, water environment causing major pollution. Which pharmaceutical wastewater is one of the most serious water pollution, so the focus is to do the work of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. Water Pharmaceutical wastewater has a very different, these differences are due to the production of different products as well as products used in the production process caused, while a certain degree of difficulty pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. Its characteristics are very complex composition, high toxicity, with a variety of organic pollutants, color depth and high salinity, pharmaceutical products and the diversity intermittent production such as the production of waste water fluctuates relatively large, and these large change composition comprising water, water quality and fluctuation occurring organic pollutants in wastewater. Pharmaceutical Wastewater type divided into four main categories, namely the production of medicine wastewater generated, the generated waste production of antibiotics, the waste water generated during production and formulation of synthetic drugs producing flushing water produced and washing water. In recent years, health care products manufacturing industry has been rapid development and diversification of its products, more and more accepted by people, but we can not ignore is that waste water generated during the production of the product on the environment and people health has serious harm. So deal with pharmaceutical wastewater is the heavy responsibility of todays society, a good deal of scientific and rational process waste water treatment waste water must be effective, must have this technology can be easily sustained and stable operation, with huge economic, environmental, social and other major technology features, such in order to cover all medium and small enterprises, in order to better deal with waste water, protect the environment. If the problem of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment is not good, it is also manufactured in multi-drug-free work and back. Wastewater harm to peoples health, which is what drugs are incurable, to make up for not coming.

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