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   According to industry experts, the water purifier market in 2015 grew 59.2%, the scale of the industry will continue to maintain high growth. With further attention to economic development and the general public of water quality problems, consumers put forward higher requirements and standards for water purifiers, water purification industry made more stringent requirements.

   the face of difficult to reach the water purifier market, diversification has become a water purifier enterprises to solve the headaches of the best "medicine." For this reason, water purifier business must demand from consumer groups as a starting point, and the idea effectively integrate into the products to a wide range of gesture to show, form a significant degree of recognition in the competition, boost their foothold in the fierce competition .


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water purifier market difficult to reach, product innovation is the way out

   is a diversified consumer demand trends

   McKinsey had Chinese consumers to maintain a long-term study, several years ago, gave the signal to change consumer decision journey, and Chinas rise in the number of reports of mainstream consumer groups classified as poor consumers, the value of consumer groups, the mainstream consumer group, affluent consumers. The expansion of the middle class consumers, continued growth in the mass affluent consumer groups, as well as knowledge-based consumers account for a growing proportion of this change in consumer groups have affected the water purification step of the way, such as more and more people do not and then to the level of water purifier brand awareness as the most important factors that determine the purchase, but will take into account the overall brand reputation, quality inspection and authority of the product itself, there are consumers evaluate the quality, as well as vendor-provided services quality.

   Product innovation is the key to

   water purifier new product design and development are closely related, it takes no technical design of the product, just a vase, could not be entirely in terms of quality to protect, not only the technology but the design of the product, it is only a "rough goods", it is difficult to get consumer recognition and favor,

   Therefore, in the water purifier business transformation and diversification of the road, R & D is also a key link. Water purifier enterprises should continue to aim at high-tech, high starting point, high standard of science and technology to build enterprise development strategy, the establishment of a sound technological innovation system and mechanism, not only attach importance to the cultivation of science and technology awareness, the importance of science and technology to attract talent, but also from reality, depending on the R & DBacked, and effectively in the development of innovation, innovation in development.

   in order to subvert innovation. Water purifier business have pulled out from a single development to the "diversification" of development forward, must be based on the needs of consumer groups as a starting point, and the idea effectively integrate into the products to a wide range of gesture to show, in competition formed a significant degree of recognition, help their foothold in the fierce competition.

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