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   August 27, Redstar and widely outes strategic investment signing ceremony held in Shanghai, jointly announced a strategic investment in Redstar wide outes.

   Redstar is Chinas first retail home A + H listed companies, as of July 2018, Macalline in the country operates a total of 263 stores, covering 29 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 177 cities.

   In recent years, many Chinese Meikailong help the healthy growth of outstanding home building materials enterprises by way of strategic investment, covering industries including smart home, home building materials, home logistics, design and decoration. Cooperative enterprises, including the EU sent home, dream lily, Goodwood Road, purple Things, cloud Ding locks, ACG, poetry Niemann, three-dimensional home, dressed family, home and so on.

   widely outes company was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is a professional air to water heaters, air heating, air cooling, water purification research and development, production, sales, service in one of the national high-tech enterprises. It is widely outes air to the industry, "Chinas space industry strategic partner", won the "Chinese air industry leading brand", "Zhejiang Province", "its most popular brand," "Zhejiang famous brand" number of honorary titles.

   Reporters learned that air also known as air source heat pump, its products, whether or hot water heating, all have significant energy saving advantage. Size of the market in rapid growth. Especially in recent years, "coal to electricity" process in northern China, the air can replace coal-fired boilers is an important clean energy, has achieved a lot for the Blue Sky Battle.


Redstar held strategic investment signing ceremony

   in Shanghai and Guangzhou in outes at the signing ceremony, CEO Macalline Group, the strategic investment division Ms. Zhanhui Chuan, president - Redstar is also a leading enterprise brands, every investment decision Meikailong represents the judgment of the future, on behalf of the choice really has the potential to be the leading brand in the industry layout. After selection for entrepreneurs and investment services, Zhan always thought: first, the founders must have sufficient vision, sufficient power. Serious entrepreneurs rigorous, and the pattern of doing things, the key is to determine whether the core elements of business bigger and stronger. Second, MeikailongMany years of accumulation in the home field, determine its very understanding of user. Redstar cooperation with widely outes, can help users understand the business on the basis of the above, to further optimize and extend the products and services. We expect to become widely outes category champion air field.

   widely outes chairman Zhu Jianjun, said: Redstar widely outes strategic investment, the company speed up the construction of channels, enhance the brand image, promote the rapid development of enterprise-wide, have a very important significance. Widely outes will persevere and focus on core business, seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, to become the leading type of smart domestic and globally influential comfortable home business.

   (Source: Sina home, invasion deleted)

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