Water purifier sales plunged 10% yeaon yeawhy

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   Whether or home improvement industry, the appliance industry, "Golden September and Silver October," has always been the peak sales period, each year in September and October is the major appliance dealers busiest time, hoping to earn a pot of gold at this time full bowl full, the last two years gradually moved into the public eye in the water purifier market is no exception. However, according to Ovid cloud network of eleven sales data show that the water purifier market sales fell 12.5% 鈥嬧€媦ear on year at the National Day Golden Week line. So "abnormal" performance data, it is not enough that the popularity of water purifiers home appliances category, or are there other reasons?

鍑€姘村櫒 fell 12.5% 鈥嬧€?p> 2017 during the National Day purifier sales up

   can see by the chart, during 10.1-10.8, offline water purifier market sales fell 12.5 percent year on year, while sales were up 0.9%, essentially flat with last year, the average transaction price rose 15.3%.

   sales fell root cause of what?

   might look at sales performance unsatisfactory, but in my opinion, the root cause of its decline in sales but not in the product and the water purifier brand, not water purification products "do not recruit people to be see," but peoples living standards and methods have undergone tremendous change.

   In recent years, with the improvement of peoples living standards, consumer attitudes and way too has changed a lot, home appliances are no longer tightening their belts in order to buy "big-ticket"; on the other hand, more convenient Buy and more perfect after-sale protection so that more consumers turn to online market, but also on the sales line at the market caused some impact.

   travel to become more consumer choice


   In addition, during the National Day many people believe in the circle of friends "traveled around the world", with the improvement of living standards consumers have more choices during the holidays, not just in the store to buy household electrical appliances, not to mention the slightly cumbersome to install water purifier that kitchen appliances.

   water purifier market as a whole continued to show a warming trend

   Although sales are not satisfactory, the next line market, the average transaction price there is a 15.3% increase in sales also were flat compared with last year, which also from another angle proved home water purifier market is steadily warming. Data


   water purifier sales share in key cities

   Orville cloud network show, water purificationUnit sales share in the country is concentrated in a second-tier cities Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. Beijing, for example, during the National Day eight days cumulative sales accounted for 7.5%, water purification products by more consumers. In addition to one of the major reasons for changes in consumption concept, the growing problem of water pollution in the northern region is also selling water purification products.


   water purifier brand focused on price changes

   while another "water purifier brand focused on price changes," Orville cloud network data released by the top 10 models the average price between 5000-6000 yuan, we can see now the main consumer market of clean water is life there is more demanding high-income groups.

   imported and domestic fifty - fifty: consumers are more rational

   can see from the chart, water purification products before selling models ranked 30 in the United States and AO Smith, respectively, as domestic and imported on behalf of the brand, accounting for half of the entire lower water purification market.

鍑€姘村櫒閿€閲忓悓姣旂媯璺?0% 鍘熷洜浣曞湪锛? src=

   14 days cumulative best-selling models TOP30

   while the top 10 products, domestic brands and imported brands rival, consumers behave more in terms of the purchase of water purification products reason, superstition imported brands phenomenon did not occur. AO Smith and other import brands such as mining in the market earlier, excellent technology and mature quality to make it more popular, while domestic brands is no longer cost-effective to win alone, such as the United States, Angel and other traditional electric kitchen brand water purifier market fought back, Similarly gain a lot of word of mouth dividends.

   we can see through the water purifier market sales data in line during the National Day "Golden September and Silver October," the concept is no longer applicable in the home appliance market, improvement of living standards for our way of life have more choices for the market as a result is no longer off-season and the season there is a clear distinction.

   as a water purifier manufacturers also need to change the concept, should abandon the "passive" way of thinking. Traditional offline store has its own unique advantages that consumers can actually feel the product quality and experience, and want more and more popular online market to compete, we must use better products and better after-sales experience to win the trust of more consumers.

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