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1, softening


refers to hard water (mainly water calcium and magnesium ions) remove or reduce to some extent water. Water softening process, only soften water and can not improve the water quality.


2, distillation


refers to boiling water, steam is then collected, allowed to cool and condense it. Distilled water is extremely safe drinking water, but there are some issues to be further explored. Since distilled water does not contain minerals, which became the reason for opponents who made life easy aging. Further distillation using a high cost, energy consumption, water can not remove volatiles.


3, boiling method


refers to boiling tap water for drinking, which is an ancient method, in general domestic application. Boiling water can kill bacteria, but some chemicals and heavy metals can not be removed, even if its content is very low, it is still not safe to drink.


4, magnetization


refers to a magnetization process by a magnetic field effect of treated water, called water. Process of magnetic treatment of water is in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field lines through the magnet, i.e., the magnetization process to complete the process. Our magnetic treatment of water, so far is still in its infancy practice and research, foreign water purifier does not require magnetization function, because magnetized water outside the scope of clean water, but belongs to medical problems.


5, after mineralization


refers to again add water purification on the basis of minerals beneficial to human body (e.g., calcium, zinc, strontium and other elements). By adding a commercial water purifier general medical stone in water purifier to achieve the purpose of mineralization, but the Ministry of Health has explicitly pointed out: "wading products may not promote any health functions."


6, ozone, ultraviolet disinfection


These aspects can only be sterilization, can not afford to remove the water of heavy metals and chemicals that kill bacteria through the bodies remain in the water, and to become pyrogenic .


7, electrolysis


The purified water electrolysis began in Japan, such a device is called electrolysis of water. It is the first water purification treatment, and then subjected to electrolytic activation, alkali activation of water with which the human body corresponding to the PH value of the environmental, health effects on the human body, suitable for drinking; activated water can be used for acidic wash, bath, beauty effect. However, the electrolysis of waterThe human body in the end how much benefit, pending further discussion.



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