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   Recently years, sharing rapid economic development, shared water purifier more alarming is the rate of expansion financing schedule and broke into public view. Public information, since the second half of this year, sharing the water purification industry, there have been one hundred million clean water, fresh water and a small cloud like a net, etc. announce incoming. Just a few months time, the name of the shared water purifier was fired hot, investors there are some ants gold dress such well-known companies, no exaggeration to say, high fever sharing economy, but also welcome came another new member.

   Of course, after a few months, a large share of the entire water purifier market structure has been formed. From the current pattern of the market point of view, backed by the ants gold dress one hundred million water purification, it has undoubtedly stood in the first camp of the industry, and is gradually widening the gap between the back of the player.

   In fact, this is not difficult to understand, sharing economy over the outlet, like the Amazon rainforest butterfly triggered by the "butterfly effect", as at the same time fully exploit and make full use of idle resources, but also quietly shake the foundations of the economic structure of some traditional industries, which nurture new economic phenomenon. This also means, who can take the lead to seize business opportunities, who backed trees, has undoubtedly won at the starting line.

   So the question is, in the end what is a shared water purifier? Sharing water purifier and has a kind of business model? In this regard, a shared water purifier company official said, compared with the previous most water purifiers, water purifiers user after purchase also need to filter replacement, maintenance, replacement and other capital investment of late, sharing the net water is breaking the traditional form of ownership of the equipment used by the user to purchase, users do not have the equipment to turn property rights to clean water usage, using the time to pay the standard service fee innovative consumption.

   Simply put, the user only needs to pay service charges, water purification equipment to provide business executives as well as on-site installation and maintenance for the core, routine maintenance and all other services. Sounds pay-use, shared really is a typical business model economy, but family-oriented home appliances to catch the train sharing economy, in the end is the "true" share or "sham" lease, just to take a share of "Dongfeng" rub heat?

   Some industry insiders believe that the reason could be called "shared water purifier" because these water purifiers for users to save money. In the usual five filters RO reverse osmosis water purifier, for example, the price of equipment common in 2-3000Yuan range, the latter still have to spend five hundred to a thousand dollars a filter replacement cost, if you use three years, the overall expenditure of up to four or five thousand a year. And now shared in accordance with the service standards of water purification products, users three years, a total of about two thousand five hundred only pay service fees, equipment purchase mode than conventional savings and peace of mind.

   But there are also people in the industry believe that the name of the shared water purifier actually share guise, is in fact a disguised form of installments. In this regard, the Guangdong University of Finance and Professor Xiao Yi said: "The share of goods more performance after use, put it back into the public space, others in need can use." At the same time, Xiao Yi also said that, with the water purifier in the purchase of a three-year service fee, is more like a form of installments.

   In fact, the sharing economy, people have debated this in the end is a new business model, or the old lease model to a "trickery", but unfortunately, has also the results did not come out of the debate. That is to say, around the sharing of water purification products to share what is true or false leases, in fact, are subject commonplace, the whole environment did not sort out one two three years, not to mention sharing a water purifier.

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