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   HC purification network and now our country water pollution is very serious, mainly because some companies do not deal with industrial waste water was discharged into the sea in rivers, causing pollution of our country large bodies of water. Xiao Bian I remember as a child, that would be less pollution, the river is very clear, can be directly used as domestic water at home, but now I can not even tap water after the process is hidden troubles. Surely we will ask: After the water is not tap water disinfection and purification plant it? Why can not directly consumed?


   Most of the water plant is still in use 100 years ago, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, conventional chlorination of drinking water treatment process four processes. Typically tap water plant out substantially only qualified, conventional water treatment processes have their limitations, particularly when raw water containing organic pollution, after chlorination, but may be derived from methane trihalomethyl disinfection byproducts, human health with to harm. Furthermore, water also present in other difficult to eliminate chemical contaminants. It is generally tap water can not reach a standard drink straight.

   that boil tap water for drinking it? Or not. In fact, after boiling water, only to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, rust and contaminants in water, sediment, odor and heavy metal ions remain and residual chlorine in the process of boiling water, it will produce something called CHCl鈧?carcinogens. Such as drinking, toxins enter the water with food (Road) body, a considerable part will accumulate in the body, causing various diseases.


   Fortunately, now is intelligent, mobile, high-speed Internet economy era of development, peoples health, more and more attention to health, drinking water, health can not be ignored. In order to be able to drink the water relatively assured, humans invented the smart new water purifier. Compared to conventional water purifiers, water purification machine benefits cats imported materials, high density activated carbon filter to filter out large particulate matter in water can filter out more pollutants, more can be bound with the phone, all data easily display order to ensure the healthy growth of children, in order to ensure drinking water safety of his family, we really necessary to buy a secure smart water purifier. It can kill bacteria, effectiveHeavy metal pollutants, antibiotics, and other organic matter to filter the water, providing water protection to family life.


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