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into the summer, regardless of the temperature change, for adults and children, the replenishment is necessary. In the public demand for a drink of water greatly increased at the same time, we look to all kinds of mineral water market. The price of mineral water mixed, two or three dollars, forty-five yuan, more than a dozen twenty dollars. So, ordinary people how to choose mineral water? Whether high-priced water to drink healthy? Recently, health ChongChuanOu Metro Bridge Street Zhaohui Lu Haixia community of people and reporters went into the supermarket, faced with an array of bottled water on the shelves, for you to explain the selection of the road.


drinks water on supermarket shelves, various brands of mineral water everything, varieties are divided into natural pure water, deionized water, glacier water, soda water, the common denominator is the "water" as a promotion focus , based on high-priced merchants marked "produced in the Alps" "glacier water" "Snow Mountain mineral water" "deep volcanic spring water" and so on, and also indicates rich in trace elements, minerals, etc., and these often become.


for the numerous mineral water, Lu Haixia said, not all of the mineral water is suitable for drinking. Minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body of water within a certain limits, once content exceeded, will cause harm to humans. In the selection of mineral water, the public is best according to their physical condition to select the appropriate pH of water drinks. From the health point of view, PH value of internationally recognized best drinking water should be alkaline, she suggested that people buy bottled water, you can look PH value indicated on the bottle label, re-purchase. As for the high price of mineral water, consumers should be treated rationally. Follow many medical experts point of view, the main body to obtain iron-manganese and other nutrients through three meals a day, rather than through the water, which water is more health problems do not exist; As for the "water source from ......" and other publicity, mostly a gimmick.


"In fact, for the general population, drinking water is the most suitable drinking water. Boiled water cooking at high temperatures, harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the water are effectively kill, it is not only security, but also economic." Lu Haixia Say.


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