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  Focus on water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Lu Quan water purifier summary proxy franchisee seven tips to enhance turnover, clear spring: the water is good medicine good water to drink bad water is poisonous to healthy. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (02.15-02.21- day) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Lu Quan water purifier summary proxy franchisee seven tips to enhance turnover

   How to improve the water purification agents turnover is one of many agents struggling to find answers. To store business is booming, water purification agents need to constantly improve their business experience, a seemingly mundane, but if sustained, will certainly produce wonderful results. Then the water purification agents how to improve sales and earn more profits it [Click for more]

   clear spring:? Water is good medicine good water to drink bad water is poisonous to healthy

   as the saying goes: "food, food and water as before." Human life is the most important thing is the "diet" and "drink" more ahead of "food." Without any kind of substance like water can run through the metabolism of every cell of the human body. "Drink plenty of water" is the doctors patients most frequently mentioned one of the requirements. Such as a cold, drink plenty of water; with stones, drink plenty of water and so on. Many medical experts in epidemic prevention and control of avian influenza teach people, SARS, foot and mouth disease, and also reminded the sentence: "drink plenty of water [Click for more]

   An Star: water purification technology industry and service is the key

   our water purifier manufacturers to medium and small enterprises, in which hundreds of people following a large number of enterprises, the majority of water purification products come from small and medium enterprises, the industry has not yet reached a mature stage. previously, due to the lack of industry standards, regulatory weakness, some domestic water purifier enterprises in order to chase profits, shoddy, the market was mixed, mixed products, illegal production of fake and shoddy products and repeated, intense competition in the industry vicious, both for the consumers personal bring security risks, but also seriously affected the reputation of the entire industry [click for more]

   per liter: those things water and cancer

   in fact closely related to water and cancer, the physician of the United States Ma Dien has stated: "water surrounding normal cells structure,Water molecules neatly arranged, but the configuration of the water surrounding cancer cells, but the water molecules disorder and unstable. "Full Professor Wu Zhi Korea Academy of Sciences said:" The water surrounding normal genetic factors, like protection like very neatly surrounded by genetic factors; and the water surrounding abnormal genetic factors, its structure is quite disorder. [Click for more]

   Wanquan of water purifiers: Success is not just on paper

   For Stephen Chow is certainly no stranger to everyone that grew up watching Stephen Chows movie is not too much, from "Flirting Scholar "," Journey to the West "to" Shaolin soccer "," Winner ", which one not to make us laugh, full of memories? 2016 Lunar New year movie" The Little mermaid "is more popular than the same period movie, into box office champion, as at 17, the box office has exceeded 2.3 billion. People saw the film in which a line should be very impressed - "When the world even the last drop of clean water, a clean air are gone, money, what significance does it have?" Indeed, earn more the money arrived, but a healthy body, a pollution-free environment. [Click for more]

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