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  70% of the human body and is closely related to water, water is critical of the human body: Tim net water purification Views: 351 Published: 2018-9-30 15:43:09 how much water there is on Earth? About 70% of the Earths surface. On Earth, every life is inseparable from water, thus became the source of life. The water content in the human tissue distribution: 83% of the blood, muscles 76%, lung 86%, 75% heart, brain 75% 86% liver, kidney and 83%, the body of water as long as people will lose 1% -2% thirsty and feeling weak, losing 5% of the state into a semi-coma, lost 12% will result in death. As the saying goes: Water can carry a boat can capsize. Health is a boat, we can only treat the water with good water, in order for our health journey with us. "Side soil support people," the scientific basis for one soil to support a party who has long been popular adage. From this sentence, it can be understood as, what kind of water determines your body and your health. Whether the nature of the water is safe to drink? Now we are drinking bottled water, mineral water, not to drink tap water or natural water directly, whether from natural boundary of water can be drunk directly to it? When we do not have water plant, and when we do not have more advanced water filtration technology, our direct ancestors are drinking well water or spring water, which did not affect their health. Today our drinking water, toss to toss go, we do not know what to drink the water. Changes may be changes in the environment of the times, todays water and old-time water quality has changed it. "We are now used to analyze the scientific point of view: the nature of the river water, lake water, well water, sea water and other natural water is not pure water, contain a lot of soluble and insoluble impurities, all belong to the mixture, it must only be after a purification treatment for people drinking. "70% of the diseases associated with unhealthy drinking water PH value is about normal blood between 7.35-7.45, alkaline constitution, but some people only about 10%, more in human body fluids PH 7.35 the following body in a healthy condition between health and disease, medically known as acidic person. Compared with the basic constitution, acidic who often feel physical fatigue, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, backache, leg pain, to the hospital you can not find anything wrongTo, such as pay attention to improve and continue to development will lead to disease. Scientists also found that 70% of the disease, especially some incurable diseases and drinking water unhealthy relationship. In order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, we can improve the physical drink by alkaline water.

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