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   Now the water purifier market, competition in the growing trend in the future home water purification industry will be transformed into a water purifier manufacturers of brand competition from product sales, if the manufacturers do not have a big influence water purifier brand is certainly very difficult to win this tough battle. However, water purifier brand development is not easy, and only long-term accumulation in order to establish a good water purifier brand reputation among consumers, so for the moment all of the water purifier manufacturers, no doubt, will be a huge challenge . So household water purifiers to join the agency how to choose a good brand?

   1, to understand clearly the companys water purifier brand developments, including the history, current situation and future trends, decide on your choice very important. As your supplier, but also business partners, your companys growth and development are inextricably linked.

   2, water purifier to buy it all depends on the degree of love for the consumer goods. Because of this, you want to join the water purifier brand reputation is good, what product popularity, are factors that need to focus on study.

   3, at the beginning of the selection to join the brand should first do some understanding of water purifier market their own city, especially in the case of your peers shops surrounding district, to do bottom of my heart. The level of consumption in your area is not yet sorted out a second-tier market compared to, you can not easily blind introduction of high prices of water purification products; to decide to join the roughly locate water purifier brand and product selection based on the actual situation of the local market and then join the brand targeted to find, can be more effective, improve the success rate.

   4, business services, and support efforts of dealers, modern brand competition in the market has not only limited products, image and other hardware requirements, but is concerned that companies can continue to provide services to consumers ability. Edit believe that the main terminal, including sales skills, service, quality assurance, consumer brands can bring the spirit of enjoyment and other soft services, but also the most difficult to achieve, but it is the test of dealers in the choice of brand can be operated by the brand valid for one important reason for business.

   5, how in all regions of the popularity of the brand? How to position in consumer reckoning? You can get directly to the brands of its past sales data, we can also learn from the side, over by the operators the brand of the agent understands itOf sales.

   6, depending on its product pricing is not in similar brands at a competitive price? Style with local consumer spending habits and preferences are not consistent, try to avoid the possibility of contradictions and conflicts.

   7, according to the brands positioning and product style, about what proportion of the local people would be interested in buying this product? Thus to determine the number of customers base your goal is not enough.

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