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   smart refrigerator, smart air conditioners, water heaters ...... intelligent home appliance industry, the wind blew up a smart, now, this trend also spread to the wind intelligent water appliances, smart water purifier gradually into peoples vision. Smart program provided by a water purifier, a water purifier can intelligently Analyzing usage, automatic washing, sewage automatic, intelligent recognition time remaining water purifier filter, intelligent reminder to replace the filter and timely. However, since intelligent water purifier from entering the market, but its not based on user demand and the high price of suffering consumer criticism.




intelligent water purifier product development functions to be difficult to break through the highlights

   water purification industry is involved in intelligence ranks

   intelligence products in the countrys development is not a short time, but since it appeared on the market since, they were a lot of controversy, whether it is questioned or denied on the price on the function, let the path of development of smart products rather bumpy. With the continuous development of society, the use of technology in the home appliance industry has become increasingly widespread, the water purification industry as the current development momentum is rapidly water appliance industry, of course, has also been caught up in the ranks of this intelligence penetration . However, although the industry continues to progress constantly gave birth to the emergence of new products on the market is still optimistic about the development of intelligent products.

   consumers do not understand intelligent water purifier

   face intelligent water purifier, many consumers first impression is its high price in the current market intelligence, and whenever "smart" word linked to everyday home appliances, prices are growing rapidly. At the same time, for such smart products, most consumers remain is a curious state of mind, the function of intelligent water purifier is not particularly aware, in the purchase of smart water purifier, can only be compared to other smart water purifier .

   intelligent water purifier should highlight the product features

   Therefore, in this case, on the one hand, the development of smart water purifier to be functional characteristics of the product stand out, so that consumers feel the functional advantages of smart water purifier; the other is its value. Smart water purification products in the final analysis is a kind of home appliances, consumer or pay more attention to the moment and enjoy the experience brought about the product itself, if a smart water purifier is just a decoration, then it loses its own use value , even if the price is low the market will be difficult to withstand the test.

   InAge of technology, intelligent product development is the most obvious sign that people yearn for the wisdom of life. Smart water purifier in the country have also gone through a period of development, regardless of how changes in the intelligence field, after all, the essence of the product itself can not be abandoned. As the consumer market players, to a certain extent, determine the market prospects for smart water purifier. Water purifier enterprises in the promotion of intelligent water purifier, the need from the function and value of products starting this or fundamentally winning the market!

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