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  Currently, a second-tier market water purifier industry is already approaching saturation, many companies are faced with a water purifier channel sink situation, the face of the continuous development of four-tier cities, some companies are turning to the water purifier market, of course, before he moved to market, as well as basic information for the spending power of the four-tier market of the market, companies need to do a certain understanding. 鍑€姘村櫒浼佷笟寮€鍙戜笁鍥涚嚎甯傚満鏄繀鐒惰秼鍔? /><p style= companies need to do a certain understanding of the market


"brand loyalty" four-tier cities for most consumers still not yet formed the concept, their brand concept is constantly progress among the mature and if there would be any water purifier brand can take this influence and even change during these consumers with the brand and quality of the selection criteria, then it can really be "rooted tier market", will hold to live in the future context of the domestic market.


face three or four lines a piece of "fat", water purifier companies want to taste, three or four lines to expand the market for water purification industry, only just a start, a lot of four-tier cities consumers have begun to pursue a higher quality of life, according to the originally adopted a "price war" strategy has been unable to meet the needs of the market while not conducive to their own water purifier brand image. Nine are building materials network that, in order to account for a place in the four-tier cities to do from the "consumption to consumers and then" to develop.


concept of the brand has not been "shaping"


thanks to the popularity of the Internet in China, three or four lines of urban residents knowledge they accumulate all kinds of brand and consumer experience, a variety of "sun shine" also should influence their consumer awareness and choice, but they have led to the brand and the consumer experience more, higher expectations, such expectations are on an upward trend. The impact of the Internet in which plays a vital role. Most


three or four lines of consumers believe the brand of choice will affect your judgment of others; in addition to big brand quality goods relatively assured outside, better get satisfaction for them psychologically.

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