Suning wisdom retail upgrade pre-war acceleration force waho

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   November 26, Suning Tesco Group held by the end of 2018 and focus on promotional work plan meeting. At the meeting, president of Suning Tesco Houen Long said the group would seize the double XII double once large pro-node, all-channel sales detonated, lay the ending of the war in 2018.


   This year, on the wisdom of the retail layout, Suning store, Suning Tesco store cloud, Su Fresh green, Suning car supermarket and other new formats continue to Lazi.

   Reporters learned that Suning 2019 is still "in development", Suning started in 2019 signed the forms in advance of each reserve work, strictly enforce the "designated development" principle, optimizing existing store model and improve its ability to attract customers stores. Meanwhile, the combination of consumer demand and the surrounding district, try a combination of all kinds of formats and double the depth of integration.

   Houen Long also stressed that regional development can not simply the number of tasks to complete the development, but also need to focus on the quality of the site, improve the operational capacity of the development team is imminent.

   Double Twelve big promotion, Suning with the influx of more and more heart to go play. Continuation of the two-eleven "on the street online Suning," the brand mind, didodecyl will focus on the launch of "Golden Lion Festival media joint list" brand activities, heavyweight media through Sina Weibo, know almost, B stations, super-sharing the value of a good thing the list, while 13 stores Golden Lion Festival "Giants" exhibition, a pleasant stroll to allow consumers to buy.

   During didodecyl Suning new store through the full cut, re-orders Fanquan available, red, and sharing the new coupons continued to pull the new APP. In addition to heart-warming red envelope, delivery within 3 kilometers an hour, one-stop community service so that consumers are more willing to "cut the hand."

   strict management of the supply chain logistics and efficient self-contained, so that the fight suning available Yiqijuechen social field of electronic business. December 8 fight coincided with Suning to buy, with "authentic licensed, good cheap goods, service leader" concept for the fight Suning to buy, has been successfully locked over half of the rings to the crowd, customers higher unit price in the purchase and reuse let the value of social cash purchase rate of amplification. How to capture rings outside the users heart? Suning will fight purchased upgrade option to expand product categories and focus on more down to earth brand marketing, the 34 form a strong market penetration.

   said Houen Long, double eleven period, the amount of work piece size towns region showed a growth spurt. During the late spring and yuan big promotion, will ensure that serviceAbility, quality is not degraded around outlets, retail cloud business needs, capacity building county-level markets, warehouses and good communication convergence, to ensure efficient transport operations, putting the "temperature of the delivery."

   In addition, Suning will start by the end of the National Front Open positions work. Reporters learned that the pre-storage warehouse requires commodities, processing, sorting delivery, real-time distribution and other supporting functions, to meet within 3-5 km store replenishment, online orders shipped within 3 kilometers functions, really good the last 100 meters distribution management, allowing users to receive your purchase as soon as possible.

   (Source: Zhongguancun Online, invasion deleted)

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