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  As the country began to enter the hot weather, the water industry has thus into the hot season of the year. Compared to the fierce competition in the traditional household appliances, water purifier market but rather thriving.



   as the country entered the hot weather, the water industry has thus into the hot season of the year. Compared to the fierce competition in the traditional household appliances, water purifier market but rather thriving. Recently, the Internet companies have announced millet and music as into the water purification industry, a water purifier war turn on. Relevant industry frankly, with the spoiler Internet companies, or the water purification industry will further promote the "Internet" of the process.

   Internet companies eyeing the water purifier market

   Recently, there are many areas in the intersection of two major Internet companies millet and music, as, again in the field of water purification pinch each other up. It is said that millet and music, as the two companies are interested in expanding into the field of water purification. It seems people in the industry, has been for a number of successful "spoiler" traditional home appliance industry, Internet companies, and further to the "water" into the market, is not impossible. In fact, compared to the competition has become increasingly fierce TV and mobile phone industry, water purifier market is precisely the transformation of a huge space for the vast blue ocean.

   water purifier market moving into the Internet

   While Internet companies in recent years, frequently upset the traditional consumer electronics market, but with the addition of Internet companies, on the other hand also contributed to the process of intelligent home appliances. Therefore, the industry generally believe that, with the development of Internet companies to join, as well as traditional manufacturers of water purification, water purifier market will move towards the Internet or + era.

   It is understood that there are already a lot of water purifiers water purification equipment vendors committed to developing intelligent technology. Among them, the smart phone APP monitoring water quality and flow of the water purification industry in 2015 as a flagship assistive technology to gain consumer market. In addition, integrated card access filter will also serve to enhance the service quality, reduce the degree of end-user services rely flagship technology to attract the consumer market.

   or the water industry will usher in major reshuffle

   data show that in recent years our drinking water pollution problems are frequent, resulting in people drinking water safety awareness has increased, pushing up household water purification equipment rapid market growth. However good and bad quality, industry standardAnd so is the lack of clean water market has long been flawed. Therefore, the industry generally believes that with the Internet companies into the office, water purification industry will usher in a major reshuffle.

   "The Internet has always been a price to win business, so as the price of Internet companies to join, the water industry as a whole will certainly be pulled down." One for many years engaged in the sale of water purifier industry admitted, according to past experience of cross-border Internet, the price advantage is definitely the Internet companys "killer." Therefore, we expect the next, the water purification industry is bound to have a fierce "price war" fight.

   In addition, with the rise of prices falling and intelligent, water purifier market will usher in a large-scale reshuffle. "Now the water purifier market prevailing rampant cottage, uneven quality and so on. With the intensified competition in the next part of small firms will face integration and reshuffle." The industry said that under the impetus of the excellent water purifier brand and Internet companies, the future water purifier market will enter a "high-speed + quality" of a new era.

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