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   hand in Zhangjiakou, Beijing bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics a success, 31 in the evening 1.3 billion Chinese people waiting with bated breath, immediately cheered. In China this piece of land full of dreams, under the strategic guidance of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to realize the dream of China, China completed one after another take-off: national prosperity, national rejuvenation and peoples happiness.



   all over the country safe source of water purifier family full attention also concern throughout the Winter Olympic Games bid. Transportation construction "Bid Report" mentioned air treatment, water treatment and other environmental and life of the masses combine, plain but steady. As a high-tech water treatment company, as a country with the same sense of social responsibility, national collective sense of honor of the family, we both take pride for the honor, but also for who is also the task efforts.



   Although the bidding cities Almaty more natural snow, but the International Olympic Committee chose Beijing to host less snow 2022 Winter Olympics. Three witnessed Chinas Olympic bid, twice as presenters on stage to speak Yang Lan said that this is proof of our country "more confident, calm and humble," she finally saying "Please use your eyes to Beijing China found it!" Filled with enthusiasm, rendering of happiness, he exudes confidence. More confident after seven years, China will show the world a comprehensive well-off society, civilization and progress of the country.



   years grind gold, brilliant achievements. An source with an Olympic edge, along with the 08 Summer Olympic bid as well as success, looking back, we have a step by step approaching harvest success and ultimately, all of the country source human security of efforts and support; 22 Winter successful bid to host the Olympics in the future 7 years, China will once again face a huge take-off, look to the future, the mutual trust and win-win, the source of all water purification agents and friends, common progress and create brilliant.



   The Winter Olympic Games bid is successful means that Beijing will be the first not only hosted the Summer Olympics and hosted the Winter Olympics city. In fact, whether it is economic strength, urban infrastructure, hosting large-scale events or experiences, Almaty than Beijing advantage. And athletes can ski in a blue sky and white clouds? Can skating in a healthy environment, safe drinking water? Smog, water pollution areThe focus of the past few years. 2022, China will give the world a surprise.



   By organizing organizing Winter opportunity to further accelerate the development of synergistic Jingjinji, more fresh air, water requirements will be higher, but also the source of the security when should conform to Beijing, Tianjin and efforts to increase the market for the people a better life, a healthier environment can do something. The next seven years, will also be an opportunity to secure the biggest source of water purifiers, one of the largest space. We are confident that, in good faith with the people to create a healthy drinking water standards.



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