Tanabata is coming how the water purifier business holiday p

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   another week, but also the annual Tanabata Festival. As we all know, to a festival, all walks of life must be promotional activities, however, face the bombing of a variety of promotional information, consumers get together for these promotions had not cold. Water purifier enterprises are to achieve the desired effect in the holiday promotion, to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to make a difference promotional activities, play out something new.




Tanabata is coming how the water purifier business holiday promotions play out of new ideas? (Photo from Internet)

   promotional theme and spirit of the brand unification

   water purifier enterprises holiday promotions, theme and brand to the spirit of unity, the details reflect the spirit of the brand but also, at the same time , but also a system planning is more important. In general, some enterprises have strong holiday sales in the guerrilla, randomness, annual planning is not strong, mostly small and medium enterprises this situation. Of course, some small and medium enterprises can take advantage of its flexibility, centralized decision-making on the success of special events, but the lack of a systematic annual promotions often can not form a cohesive force, causing consumers not form continuity, unity awareness of the brand.

   clear holiday marketing purposes

   water purifier enterprises holiday promotions, we must first understand marketing purposes. In general, the purpose of holiday promotions often to impulse sales, but definitely more than that. Some enterprises in order to recommend new products to consumers during the holiday season, often with old products bind promotions, such as JLF would be bound promotions and mature products at launch Luk Fook JLF people that buy JLF wine gifts Luk Fook people. Of course, the main push new and old products as gifts form may also be employed. The key is to understand the purpose of which, only this holiday promotions will be more effective. Step out of Wrong "= cheap promotional sales".

   For a long time, holiday promotions are often caught in a misunderstanding, that is cheap promotional sales. So, supermarkets and other terminal will always be "special sales", "buy one get one free" and other guise of signs, and some products are engaged in special almost every day, every day to do promotions, to the final consumer have been numb . The company is also a belly grievances, the price has been despicably low, and will not go any lower profits. As a result, the business will fall into the "do not promote to die, promotional court death on" position.

   to look at the use of low-cost strategyConsumers in the choice of similar products in the end how high price sensitivity. If consumers are not price sensitive, even then the price will not have much impact on sales. KA terminal as an example to large, medium and small water purifier brand comprehensive capabilities to front-line business is relatively weak. Therefore, the actual holiday promotion, small and medium enterprises should pay more attention to water purifiers to make the brand influence in large KA terminal, as do sales thing is to rely on other sources, such as traditional wholesale channels.

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