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   Recently, the water industry leading enterprises stationed in Chinas largest source of clean water fitness instructor training base - Sapp Fitness Academy. Dozens of clean water source for business nanofiltration water purification machines D356 provide a safe and healthy drinking water services to more than 600 employees and tens of thousands of college students, to enhance the quality of their drinking water.

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鈻?Sapp Fitness Institute corner

   Sapp fitness as China listed personal trainer training enterprises, the State Sports General Administration, China Bodybuilding Association, Beijing Bodybuilding Association, Shenzhen bodybuilding fitness Association designated professional personal trainer training base, China zero-based personal trainer vocational education and training leader. While dedicated professional fitness skills training, Sapp pay more attention to healthy drinking water fitness instructor and trainees. In the process of high-intensity training, a lot of sweat can cause the loss of mineral elements in the human body, Sapp chose both to remove harmful substances in water, and to retain the mineral elements of the clean water source nanofiltration water purification machines, water science and coaches help students trained health good shape.

   It is reported that Sapp stationed Fitness Academy clean water source for business nanofiltration water purification machines D356 has five core strengths to ensure safe and healthy water quality, fit and healthy drinking water standard science students, so that students in the pursuit of muscles At the same time, to ensure the health of the body.

   One advantage: a new generation of low-pressure selective nanofiltration filter, removal of harmful substances, retained minerals, water saving;

   Two advantages: real-time display filter life, to ensure the timely replacement of the filter, to avoid secondary pollution;

   three advantages: saving adjustable control valve, according to the water quality, the development of personalized and flexible purification scheme;

   four advantages: regular automatic flushing of the filter effective rinse and prolong filter life;

   five advantages: a large flow of water can meet 80-100 people at the same time demand for drinking water, effective solution to the problem of water peak long wait. Since

缁冨氨濂借韩鏉愭洿瑕佸枬濂芥按 纰ф按婧愬晢鍔$撼婊ゅ噣姘存満杩涢┗璧涙櫘鍋ヨ韩瀛﹂櫌

鈻?clean water source for business nanofiltration water purification machines D356

   As Chinas water industrys leading enterprises, the clean water source was established 17 years, technology and innovation as a business development engine, engineering , residential and commercial water treatment field has always occupied an important position. In Beijing has a large-scale film production and R & D base, and the whole industry chain of membrane technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, in clean waterTechnology, clean water source so far has made more than 500 patents, proprietary technology nearly a thousand entries, won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Prize and many other honors, and bear a "major water projects" Country , "863", "national Technology support Program" and other national issues. Its water purification products not only through the Australian standards bodies WaterMarkLevel1 product certification, but at the APEC summit, "along the way" in the World Summit provides a safe and healthy drinking water for the participating leaders to show the world the strength of our powerful water purification products.

   The nanofiltration water purifier business clean water source is located in the country settled in the New Media Industrial Park in Daxing District of Beijing Sapp campus, the future will be fully covered, including Beijing, Shenzhen & Poors contest, including five campuses to raise the overall quality of drinking water staff and students.

   understand the clean water source water purifier brand details, please click on

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